England, Midlands & East: delegated decisions December 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Head of Investment, England, Midlands & East on 19 December 2019.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Act-Up African Heritage Project

Applicant: The Highlife Centre Ltd

Project description: This project will explore folktales and dance heritage within the African community in Coventry.

Decision: Reject

The Northern Soul of Peterborough

Applicant: Jumped Up Theatre

Project description: This project will record and interpret the story of Northern Soul in Peterborough.

Decision: Award £35,400 (90%)

The Banyan Tree – South Asian Dance in the UK

Applicant: Kadam Asian Dance and Music Ltd

Project description: This project will enable greater access to records about the development of South Asian dance in the UK. It will deliver activities to involve the community.

Decision: Award £43,700 (96%)

Miners to Medics

Applicant: Tibshelf Local History & Civic Society

Project description: This project will explore the early formation of healthcare and first aid services in the region before the creation of the NHS and the St John's Ambulance.

Decision: Award £26,100 (97%)

Test Pitting in Worcestershire: Small Pits, Big Ideas Part II

Applicant: Worcestershire Archaeological Society

Project description: This project will enable six communities to investigate their own heritage through archaeological test pitting. It will foster local pride, engagement between community groups and skills development.

Decision: Award £62,700 (92%)

Readiness and Resilience

Applicant: Halstead 21st Century Group

Project description: This project will take place in Halstead and involves creating a website.

Decision: Award £13,300 (100%)

The Power Of Three

Applicant: Full House Theatre Company

Project description: The project will create a walking tour encompassing three museums in Bedford: The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum, John Bunyan Museum and the Panacea Museum­. A live performance will be held at each location.

Decision: Award £72,200 (87%)

Building a Future for the Story of Our Church

Applicant: West Deeping Parochial Church Council

Project description: This project will refurbish the Grade I listed St Andrew’s Church in West Deeping. It will provide a more usable space, alongside community heritage activities.

Decision: Reject

Women in the Wild

Applicant: The Pinnacle Club

Project description: This project will mark the centenary of the Pinnacle Club, a club for female climbers. It will create an online archive to store their digitised collections of photographs, films and oral histories of members.

Decision: Award £70,800 (90%)

All Saints Church Laxfield Bell Restoration Appeal

Applicant: All Saints Church Laxfield Bell Restoration Appeal 

Project description: This project will recast and rehang four bells and install two new bells, improving ringing facilities in the church. A viewing platform, audiovisual display and exhibition will share the heritage with visitors.

Decision: Award £66,600 (39%)

Northfield Revealed

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council Of the Ecclesiastical Parish Of St Laurence, Northfield Birmingham

Project description: This project will install improved access to Grade I listed St Laurence church. It will improve interpretation to the church and the surrounding conservation area of the historic centre of Northfield.

Decision: Award £65,700 (76%)

Theatre Royal Nottingham – Heritage Co-ordinator

Applicant: Nottingham City Council

Project description: This project will expand heritage opportunities presented by the collection at the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham.

Decision: Award £70,400 (79%)

Luton Heritage Strategy and Heritage Enabler

Applicant: Luton Council

Project description: This project will primarily aim to create a new heritage strategy for Luton, through development of partnerships and delivery of various activities.

Decision: Award £99,000 (100%)

Sustainability – Visitor Centre & Amenity Space

Applicant: North Leverton Windmill Trust

Project description: This project will refurbish a railway carriage for use as an amenity space and refurbish the warehouse for use as a visitor centre. It will also produce an exhibition about the history of the windmill.

Decision: Reject

England's Last Stand

Applicant: Blackfield Creatives CIC

Project description: This project will deliver creative workshops to schoolpupils and community groups in Wisbech, focusing on the life of Hereward the Wake.

Decision: Reject

Mine-Craft the Prequel: The photographic story of East Midlands Coal (1965–2015)

Applicant: Nottingham Trent University

Project description: This project will explore the history of coal mining in the East Midlands by researching and interpreting the Coal Authority's photographic archive and the language of miners.

Decision: Reject

Punjabi Food Traditions in Wolverhampton 1945 to 1999

Applicant: BME United Limited

Project description: This project will explore the heritage of food traditions within the Punjabi communities in Wolverhampton. It will look at the role food has played for Punjabi women in particular, in helping them build lives in the city.

Decision: Award £58,5010 (94%)

Walled Garden Restoration Feasibility Study

Applicant: The Stonebridge Trust

Project description: The focus for this project is an overall feasibility study for the walled garden at Thoresby Park. This is a Grade I registered park designed by renowned architect Humphrey Repton in the late 18th century.

Decision: Award £32,100 (87%)

1st Albrighton Scout Group Archives

Applicant: 1st Albrighton Scout Group

Project description: This project aims to expand the archive of the Scout group, improve its storage and produce displays of the collection.

Decision: Award £5,000 (100%)

Save Beane Marshes

Applicant: Save Beane Marshes LTD

Project description: This project will purchase Beane Marshes, an area of privately owned meadow land adjacent to the River Beane, which may be at risk of being sold for development. It will create an education leaflet about the site and deliver activities.

Decision: Reject

The Mossley Story

Applicant: One Walsall LTD

Project description: This project will engage residents from the Mossley Estate (Walsall) to produce a radio documentary drama based on the heritage of the 1950s housing estate. 

Decision: Award £10,000 (50%)

The Americans Are Here

Applicant: The Big Happiness Experiment CIC

Project description: Pheasey Estate Residents (Walsall) will explore the requisitioning of their estate for use by American servicemen in the Second World War.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)

"Skegness is so bracing" Railway Poster Restoration and Display

Applicant: Skegness Town Council

Project description: This project will restore, conserve and publicly display the original artwork for the famous "Skegness is so bracing" railway posters by John Hassall which include the iconic Jolly Fisherman.

Decision: Award £4,000 (61%)

Brine Memories

Applicant: Sobbs Salt and Brine Heritage C.I.C. 

Project description: This project aims to reconnect the people of Droitwich Spa with the town's unique heritage as a centre for therapeutic brine bathing.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)


Applicant: Herefordshire Light Infantry Museum

Project description: This project will digitise and make available its collection online, through the development of a website.

Decision: Reject

A sporting history of Perry Barr

Applicant: Sporting Elite CIC

Project description: This project will explore Perry Barr’s sporting heritage. Memories from local people will be collected, guest historians will deliver talks, the website will be updated and an exhibition created.

Decision: Award £9,000 (100%)

Rags to Riches

Applicant: Bostin' Creative – Arts & Theatre CIC

Project description: This project will explore the changes and significance of Birmingham’s markets: the recently demolished Wholesale Market dating from 1166 and the Rag Market, which may be redeveloped.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)

Restoration of St Peter's Dunchurch Pipe Organ

Applicant: St Peter's Church, Dunchurch

Project description: This project will repair the pipe organ at St Peter’s Dunchurch.

Decision: Reject

Heritage Walks for People with Bipolar

Applicant: The Bipolar Lift CIC

Project description: Through walks and heritage events this project aims to help bipolar disorder sufferers to reduce their stress and achieve their plans.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)

The Silent Archive: Oral Histories of the Menopause

Applicant: East Midlands Oral History Archive

Project description: This project will create an oral history archive of menopause experiences, alongside interpretation through workshops and creative writing.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)

An Engineering Past

Applicant: Shooting Fish Theatre Company

Project description: This project aims to explore, celebrate and share Grantham's rich engineering heritage in collaboration with local communities and heritage partners leading to the creation of a film.

Decision: Award £9,700 (39%)

Justforfun – Summer 2020

Applicant: Empowr-U CIC

Project description: This Coventry-based project plans to explore and introduce heritage to young people and their families from communities with high levels of deprivation, who might not ordinarily engage with or recognise their own or local heritage.  

Decision: Reject

Back to Nature with Forest Schools

Applicant: KA Kits Academy CIC

Project description: This project will work within multiple schools to run 12-week forest school programmes, with the creation of accompanying outdoor facilities.

Decision: Reject