England, London & South: delegated decisions October 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Area Director, London & South, on 8 October 2019

National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £3,000 - £10,000

Plymouth - A Century of Women in Power

Applicant: Hoe Neighbourhood Forum

Project description: This project seeks to celebrate the contributions women have made over the last century to Plymouth's identity as the new city emerged from the Three Towns.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (100%)


The Polish University Abroad for all generations II

Applicant: The Polish University Abroad

Project description: This project aims to showcase the research heritage of the Polish community in the UK.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (50%)


THE GREAT EXPERIMENT – Heritage of Indentured Migrations

Applicant: Border Crossings  

Project description: THE GREAT EXPERIMENT aims to explore the heritage of indentured labour migrants from South Asian communities in the UK.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (91%)


Stories from the Borough of Portsmouth Mental Hospital during the Great War 1914 -19

Applicant: The Good Mental Health Cooperative

Project description: This project aims to research the archived documentation from the Borough of Portsmouth Mental Hospital (later St. James' Hospital), to explore the transformational impact of WW1 on mental health care and treatment.

Decision: Award Grant of £9,900 (100%)


The Heritage, Impact and Influence of Tai Chi in the UK

Applicant: Freedom International NOW

Project description: This project will research, record and publicise the heritage of Tai Chi Chuan in the UK.

Decision:  Reject


The Hope and Glory Community Project (Revised)

Applicant: Alfie James Productions

Project description: This project will explore what life was like on the home front in Redbridge during WWII.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (90%)


Measuring the Universe: The Transit of Venus and the Cornish Connection

Applicant: Mayes Creative

Project description: This project aims to celebrate the Cornish connection to the 1769 observation of the Transit of Venus.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (73%)


Developing the Secrets of Northwood House Experience

Applicant: Northwood House Charitable Trust

Project description: This project will examine the buried archaeological features of Grade II* listed Northwood House.

Decision: Reject


‘Because of Them, we Can'

Applicant: Local Media Initiatives CIC

Project description: This film project aims to unearth and celebrate the histories of key individuals from Milton Keynes.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)


Buckingham Community Heritage App

Applicant: Buckingham Town Council

Project description: This project will involve developing an app designed for local residents to learn more about the heritage of Buckingham.

Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (100%)


Local Heroes - Bromley

Applicant: Pãkiki Theatre

Project description: This project aims to engage schoolchildren and their families about the local history of their area.

Decision: Award Grant of £4,000 (64%)


National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £10,000 - £100,000

Exploring and restoring Oxford's relic wetlands

Applicant: Freshwater Habitats Trust

Project description: This project will connect Oxford’s diverse communities with their local wetlands, providing engagement and learning opportunities particularly for those disconnected from wildlife.

Decision: Award Grant of £36,500 (32%)


A Rather Bewildering Spectacle

Applicant: The New Carnival Company CIC

Project description: This project will share and celebrate Carnival memories from the Isle of Wight; the oldest summertime carnival tradition in the UK.

Decision:  Award Grant of £54,000 (85%)


STEM Sisters

Applicant: HMDT Music

Project description: This project hopes to inspire young people and their communities with the life-stories, contributions and impact of historical women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Decision: Award Grant of £54,800 (89%)



Applicant: The Conscious Sisters CIC

Project description: This project aims to improve community engagement through history walks, mapping and the creation of 30 local 'clans' based on location.

Decision: Award Grant of £56,800 (88%)


Stockwell's Roots

Applicant: Oasis Children's Venture

Project description: Oasis Children’s Venture will partner with the Garden Museum to explore the cultural heritage of African and South American food traditions with communities in North Lambeth.

Decision: Award Grant of £65,100 (87%)


Forging Our Future: Resistance, Change and Leadership in Bristol’s Disability Movement

Applicant: Bristol Disability Equality Forum

Project description: This intergenerational project will research and record the oral histories of Disability Rights activists within Bristol’s Disabled people’s movement.  

Decision: Award Grant of £88,600 (100%)


Dursley Tabernacle Memorial Gardens

Applicant: Dursley Tabernacle United Reformed Church

Project description: This project will restore the Memorial Gardens of the Dursley Tabernacle Church and share the stories of William King and Sir Robert Lister buried there to engage young people in heritage.

Decision: Reject


The restoration and repurposing of All Saints Isle Brewers

Applicant: Isle Brewers PCC and Village Community of Isle Brewers

Project description: Initial building works to All Saints Church funded from a GPOW award in February 2019 reveal that the building fabric is significantly damaged and requires further funding for repairs.

Decision: Award Grant of £99,000 (84%)


Selective Inclusion: African & Asian celebrities in London's 'Vanity Fair' magazine (1868-1914)

Applicant: South Asian Cinema Foundation (SACF)

Project description: This project will look at the backgrounds, accomplishments and contributions of African and Asian celebrities featured in ‘Vanity Fair' magazine from 1868 to 1914.

Decision: Award Grant of £32,600 (100%)


Conserving and Bringing New Audiences to the Cary Ellison Theatre Programme Collection

Applicant: Kingston University

Project description: This project will conserve and catalogue the Cary Ellison Theatre Programme Collection and will mark the beginning of the archive outreach programme.

Decision: Award Grant of £34,000 (36%)


'Silent Knights'

Applicant: St. Mary’s Church Hampstead Norreys PCC

Project description: This project will restore a rare set of 17th century bells in a Grade I listed church and will provide opportunities for people to engage in the community through bell-ringing.

Decision: Award Grant of £39,700 (54%)


Dartmoor, Devon and World War Two

Applicant: MED Theatre

Project description: Engaging young people in research and oral histories, this project will explore the impact of the global crisis of WWII on rurally isolated areas of Devon.

Decision: Award Grant of £40,000 (81%)


Full CIRCLE (Community Integration for Refugees through CuLturE)

Applicant: Groundwork London

Project description: Full CIRCLE will share and record the cultural heritage of refugee communities in Hackney, London. This project will focus on the diverse cultural knowledge of domestic skills, crafts and traditions from some of the fastest growing refugee communities in London, that are at risk of being lost.

Decision: Award Grant of £54,100 (100%)


Connecting People and Places

Applicant: The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

Project description: This project focuses on the people and narratives behind examples of built environment heritage that has been shaped by BAME communities across England.

Decision: Award Grant of £60,400 (100%)


Futures Past

Applicant: Gathering Voices

Project description: This project aims to deliver creative interpretation sessions to enable young people to identify the heritage of Bedminster, Bristol.

Decesion: Award Grant of £62,500 (92%)


Broken Futures: Finding LGBT lives affected by The Labouchere Amendment

Applicant: Support U Ltd

Project description: This project will explore the hidden stories of the 78 men that were prosecuted under The Labouchere Amendment in Reading and Berkshire.

Decision: Award Grant of £75,900 (100%)


Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM): The Heritage and The Legacy

Applicant: Action for Southern Africa

Project description: This project will explore the activities of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM), 1959–94, so that anti-apartheid memories can be shared with young people in the UK.

Decision: Reject


Voices of the Earth

Applicant: Global Generation

Project description: This project will explore the origins and medicinal uses of local plants with a programme of creative learning for schoolchildren and gardening events for the local community. 

Decision: Award Grant of £97,300 (82%)


Sussex Living Waters

Applicant: The Froglife Trust

Project description: Sussex Living Waters will promote the biodiversity value and cultural heritage of Dewponds in the South Downs National Park. 

Decision: Reject


Museum Cafe at St Alban's Church

Applicant: The Iris Project

Project description: This project aims to create educational trails for adults and children to explore the history of St. Alban’s Church.

Decision: Reject


Renovation of Kilmersdon Fingerposts

Applicant: Kilmersdon Parish Council

Project description: Kilmersdon Parish Council would like to renovate seven fingerposts within the parish.

Decision: Reject


Storrington - Then and Now

Applicant: Storrington Local History Group

Project description: This project will enhance the local photography archive by recreating photos from 100 years ago to engage the community with the local physical environment.

Decision: Reject


Heritag Trail - Interpretation Boards

Applicant: Cullompton Walronds Preservation Trust

Project description: This project aims to create and install three interpretation boards to expand on the Wool Trade Trail.

Decision: Reject



Applicant: Friends of Eti-Oni

Project description: This project is an exploration of the cultural tradition of cocoa plantation in Nigeria.

Decision: Reject


The Bodmin Way heritage participation project

Applicant: Bodmin Way

Project description: This project aims to organise walking and cycling tours around 4 churches in the Bodmin area. 

Decision: Reject


Repairs to Churchyard Wall

Applicant: Bawdrip Parochial Church Council

Project description: The aim of this project is to repair and restore a historic wall surrounding St. Michael and All Angel churchyard in Bawdrip.

Decision: Reject


Printing industrial heritage preservation and training

Applicant: Gloucester Typesetting Services

Project description: This project seeks to preserve the heritage of monotype whilst providing training for two University students.

Decision: Reject


BACK2SCHOOL, a South West Primary Schools Intergenerational Project based on Heritage, Traditions and Memories

Applicant: Golden-Oldies

Project description: Golden-Oldies wish to carry out an intergenerational project focused on past school traditions, games and songs.

Decision: Reject


Pyramid Mausoleum Restoration

Applicant: St. Thomas a Becket P.C.C

Project description: This project will deliver capital repairs and improvements to a listed monument and the churchyard surrounding it.

Decision: Reject


Breaking The Code : Binary 101 (Cheltenham's cyber heritage)

Applicant: Cheltenham Borough Council

Project description: Cheltenham Borough Council hope to create a large scale audio visual projection showcasing Cheltenham's cyber heritage.

Decision: Reject


National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £100,000 - £250,000

Temple Bar Trust - Architectural Gateway to The City of London

Applicant: Temple Bar Trust

Project description: This project comprises the internal refurbishment of Grade I listed Temple Bar and upgrading of the first floor adjoining accommodation in Paternoster Lodge.

Decision: Reject