England, London & South: delegated decisions May 2021

England, London & South: delegated decisions May 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Engagement, London & South, on 12 May 2021.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Ridley Road Stories 

Applicant: Innercity Films

Project description: To interview and produce in-depth oral and visual memories from 10 workers, traders, residents and visitors from Ridley Road area. An online exhibition of oral histories and photographs on Ridley Road will be shared.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

Rekindling Pothohar 

Applicant: Pothohar Association UK (PAUK)

Project description: To uncover the heritage of the UK Pothohari community, encompassing their journeys to this country and their impact. Findings will be presented in a revitalised PAUK website, feature-length documentary, teaching aids, and exhibitions at The Nehru Centre & University of Wolverhampton.

Decision: Award grant of £91,600

'PARCS Grows Everybody'. Remembering 40 Years of the Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Centre (PARCS)

Applicant: Portsmouth City Council

Project description: To undertake life-story work with older women who founded the service in 1981 and to record the legacy on their 40th anniversary in 2021.

Decision: Award grant of £92,500

Young People and Nature at Cameron's Cottage 

Applicant: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

Project description: To provide a safe space for young people to immerse themselves in nature and participate in wellbeing sessions, whilst also offering vocational sessions. 

Decision: Award grant of £202,900

River Recoveries: Heritage and archaeology on the Thames supporting London's recovery 

Applicant: Museum of London Archaeology

Project description: To work across and between four London sites (Fulham/Putney, Bankside, Limehouse, and Deptford) with young people and diverse communities to develop co-produced participatory models for foreshore archaeology.

Decision: Award grant of £202,900

On The Post: An Oral History of the Postal Workers in London 

Applicant: digital:works

Project description: To explore the changing nature of work at one of London's major employers, recording the workers' experiences and the increasing inclusion of women and immigrants in the workforce over the post-war period. It will explore the impact of technological and political changes over this period.

Decision: Award grant of £41,200

Opening up the Magic Box: 125 years of cinema-going in Bristol 

Applicant: Bristol Cultural Development Partnership (BCDP)

Project description: To run a programme 'Opening up the Magic Box', a specific heritage element of Film2021, engaging with the past and exploring its impact upon the city’s present and future.

Decision: Award grant of £105,900

This is Our History 

Applicant: Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services

Project description: To set up a new collection of local history boxes unique to the East End in Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives along with producing a booklet on local history themes.

Decision: Award grant of £34,300

Building Communities and Community Buildings ‒ the heritage of community centres and communities in MK 

Applicant: MKIAC

Project description: To engage young people and new settlers in Milton Keynes with the heritage stories of people who have moved there since its initial development in the 1970s, with more recent migrations in the 2000s, and how these migrations developed the town’s community centres.

Decision: Award grant of £94,000

Above and Below: Cornwall's contribution to the measurement of gravity 

Applicant: Mayes Creative

Project description: To look for new ways to reconnect the vulnerable and socially isolated by offering inspiration through creative participation using local heritage subject matter and expertise.

Decision: Award grant of £58,000

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2022

Applicant: Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

Project description: To make enhancements to the 2022 Medieval Festival after the restrictions in 2021 which would have marked the 550th anniversary of the Battle of Tewkesbury and 900th anniversary of the consecration of Tewkesbury Abbey.

Decision: Reject

The Jewel in the Strand 

Applicant: St Mary Le Strand Church

Project description: To enliven cultural activities, diversify audiences and increase sustainability whilst contributing to the wellbeing of the congregation and local business community.  

Decision: Award grant of £118,500

Feel the Song and the Sound!

Applicant: Congo Great Lakes Initiative (CGLI)

Project description: To engage and provide access to 450 traditional songs and sounds that tell stories of 450 tribes in the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding regions.

Decision: Reject

Access for London: Disabled people and public transport 

Applicant: 104 Projects CIC

Project description: To research and examine changing attitudes towards disability using the history of public transport in London, from the first tube line to the present, as main topic of focus. 

Decision: Award grant of £93,700

The Terrier Poplar Education Project 

Applicant: The Terrier Trust CIO

Project description: To create an educational programme for 5,000 primary school children in Poplar, featuring our 150-year-old steam locomotive ‘Poplar’, one of the oldest operational in the UK.

Decision: Award grant of £33,000

Welcome to Britain! Volunteer involvement in the reception of Ugandan Asian migrants, 1972/3

Applicant: The India Overseas Trust

Project description: To establish a curated oral history archive of the experiences of volunteers at three resettlement camps whilst creating a permanent online and printed record of their efforts.

Decision: Award grant of £72,700

Bannerman Road Archive and Engagement Programme 

Applicant: Bannerman Road School PTA

Project description: To explore local cultural activity through conversation, collage, text and image to create a body of research to reflect and celebrate the community.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

Growing The Village Hub: Supporting Stoke's Heritage 

Applicant: The Village Hub Community

Project description: To engage vulnerable groups and the wider community through heritage workshops and an art project.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

Two thousand years of mosaics in Dorset 

Applicant: Mindful Mosaics

Project description: To put together a representation of the history of mosaics and their cultural influence in Dorset by creating a mosaic map of the county.

Decision: Award grant of £9,900

Amersham's Retro Shop 

Applicant: Amersham Museum Ltd

Project description: To research and share how local people shopped and consumed sustainably in the past, before plastic packaging and pre-packaged food was commonplace. The project will draw comparisons between growing locally, reducing waste, plastic free packaging and mending, and contemporary initiatives today.

Decision: Award grant of £9,100

GlosArch: Widening Engagement: Combining Tradition with a Digital Dawn Post-Covid

Applicant: Gloucestershire Archaeology (GlosArch)

Project description: To build upon GlosArch's recent digital progress by expanding engagement with its membership and the wider public. This will be done by creating opportunities to undertake research into the archaeology of Gloucestershire through remote, collaborative teamwork.

Decision: Award grant of £4,900

A history of rugby in Bicester 

Applicant: Bicester Rugby Union Football Club

Project description: To explore and celebrate the history of Bicester Rugby Club, and the wider social history of rugby.

Decision: Reject

Charmouth Local History Society ‒ Virtual Museum

Applicant: Charmouth Local History Society

Project description: To develop online resources, including a new website and social media accounts, alongside portable physical displays at community events to publicise the Society and for people to learn about the village's heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £4,500

Making Local Heritage Live ‒ Community Local History Digital Hub 

Applicant: Chingford Historical Society

Project description: To create a hub for the community providing a focal point for local heritage, for both in-person and remote engagement. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,800

Destination London Bridge 

Applicant: London School of Mosaic

Project description: To research and display the heritage of London’s oldest bridge whilst creating two apprenticeships and eight jobs supporting training for 800 people in a 'lost' heritage craft.

Decision: Reject

Adapting Changing Environment (ACE)

Applicant: Holy Mission of Guru Nanak

Project description: To strengthen the long-term sustainability of Sindhi Community Heritage.

Decision: Reject 

Restoration and conservation of a Historic England Grade II Listed K6 Jubilee Red Phone Box situated on a village green 

Applicant: Newnham Community Phone Box Group

Project description: To restore and conserve our last remaining village phone box.

Decision: Reject


Applicant: Thame Arts & Literature Festival

Project description: A digital project building in professional resilience to improve the visitor experience both online or in-person.

Decision: Reject 

2 Outdoor Table Tennis Tables for Sandford Park 

Applicant: Friends of Sandford Parks

Project description: To install two outdoor table tennis tables in Sandford Park, Cheltenham. 

Decision: Reject 

Your Voice 

Applicant: Motiv8

Project description: To deliver key training and employment skills that focus on identity and the environment.

Decision: Reject

Storrington and District Museum 

Applicant: Storrington Local History Group

Project description: To increase the resilience and outreach of Storrington and District Museum through refurbishment, use of new technology, new staff and an exhibition. 

Decision: Reject 

South Wraxall Bells Restoration Project 

Applicant: The PCC of St James's Church, South Wraxall

Project description: To conserve, repair and rehang a listed ring of six bells.

Decision: Reject

A history of Esher Rugby Football Club 

Applicant: Esher Rugby Football Club Ltd

Project description: To explore and celebrate the history of Esher Rugby Club.

Decision: Reject

St Michael's Church Restoration 2

Applicant: Winchcombe Parish

Project description: To refurbish and repair the church's South Nave roof and external surface water drainage system along with pew platform.

Decision: Reject 

Leader Restoration 2021

Applicant: Trinity Sailing Foundation

Project description: To carry out preservation work to the former sailing trawler 'Leader', built in 1892, a vessel on the National Historic Fleet.

Decision: Reject

Hehil 1300 Festival 

Applicant: Hehil 1300 Committee

Project description: To commemorate 1,300 years since the Battle of Hehil and to showcase Cornish culture and heritage by staging a two-day festival of traditional games, music and history with a large-scale recreation of the battle.

Decision: Reject

Taking the Stage 

Applicant: The Play's The Thing Theatre Company

Project description: To run a four-month long festival at Milton Keynes Gallery focusing on lived experiences of three women. These include growing up with parents from the Windrush Generation, caring for a loved one, and experiences of racism and discrimination. These stories will be adapted and performed on stage.

Decision: Reject 

Amazing Grace and the Olney Hymns 

Applicant: Invisible Folk

Project description: To mark the 250th anniversary of the writing of Amazing Grace in tandem with the Cowper and Newton Museum's celebrations through a series of workshops and live performance.

Decision: Reject

Yoga Studio 

Applicant: Donna

Project description: To set up a yoga studio whilst running sessions focused on wellbeing.

Decision: Reject