England, London & South: delegated decisions June 2021

England, London & South: delegated decisions June 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Director of London & South on 9 June 2021.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage 

Northside Pirates: Analogue to Digital

Applicant: Small Green Shoots

Project description: To celebrate pirate radio heritage through community and outreach events, specially produced podcasts and the development of a new 24-hour radio station.

Decision: Award grant of £37,000

Discovering Dewponds

Applicant: The Froglife Trust

Project description: To restore or create nine dewponds in South Downs National Park, delivered with habitat works, interpretation, community engagement and a volunteer programme.

Decision: Award grant of £249,900

Bull Point Barracks Feasibility study

Applicant: The Pioneers Project CIC

Project description: To assess the feasibility of the repair and conversion of the disused Bull Point Barracks in Barne Barton, located within an area of high socio-economic deprivation, for community use.

Decision: Award grant of £35,300

Happy Birthday Greenham Women Everywhere

Applicant: Greenham Women

Project description: To mark the 40th anniversary of the ‘Women for Life on Earth’ march through various outreach events and media outputs.

Decision: Award grant of £78,500

Building the future, conserving the past – establishing St Nicholas’ Priory as a community hub

Applicant: Exeter Historic Buildings Trust

Project description: To deliver a series of activities and implement community outreach as a part of the Trust’s business plan.

Decision: Award grant of £250,000

City Voices ‒ Power Up

Applicant: GUST

Project description: To increase the scope of the ‘City Voices (CV)’ project, a community engagement programme offering opportunities for people to showcase their heritage through events and other outreach activities.

Decision: Award grant of £249,000

Lanteglos Bells

Applicant: Friends of Lanteglos Church

Project description: Five aspects to the projects to restore the bells and involve and engage young people in the science and musicianship of bells.

Decision: Award grant of £33,600

Sugar & Spice: The changing face of Tooting High Street

Applicant: Bounce Theatre

Project description: An oral history and research project that documents the post-war recovery of Tooting High Street, co-created by inter-generational groups of participants.

Decision: Reject

100 years of West Middlesex University Hospital ‒ a celebration of staff and our changing landscape

Applicant: CWPLUS

Project description: In September 2020, West Middlesex University Hospital turned 100 years old. They will celebrate with a programme concluding with the installation of a permanent exhibition in the main atrium, timelines and heritage garden.

Decision: Award grant of £81,100

81 Acts of Exuberant Defiance: Reclaiming Community Heritage (81 Acts(Reclaiming))

Applicant: The Ubele Initiative

Project description: 10 April 2021 marks 40 years since communities rose up in confrontation with police in Brixton, and later across the UK, against a backdrop of racism, recession and unemployment. This project will lead 81 Acts over 20 months that channel the frustrations, exuberance, and resourcefulness of Black communities to reclaim this heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £249,600

Naturehood: Empowering diverse communities across Oxfordshire to support local wildlife

Applicant: Conservation Education & Research Trust

Project description: To engage and empower people of all backgrounds to come together to effect positive change and support them to achieve the wellbeing benefits that nature brings. To connect with those who feel less empowered and are underserved in this setting: young people aged 16-24, BAME communities and disadvantaged communities.

Decision: Reject

Medieval Animals Heritage Project for East Kent

Applicant: Canterbury Christ Church University

Project description: To bring increased wellbeing and skills to East Kent’s deprived local communities via neglected but nationally important heritage: Medieval animals and their rich ‘afterlife’ in history and culture. The project explores real and imaginary animals in medieval books, paintings and sculpture.

Decision: Reject

ICE Heritage

Applicant: Hampshire Cultural Trust

Project description: Inspire Create Exchange (ICE) Heritage will develop cultural progression pathways for young people who are known to, at risk of entering, or about to leave, mental health services.

Decision: Award grant of £99,900

AMP Kingston: Art, Music and Pop Fashion

Applicant: Creative Youth

Project description: This project responds to an identified need to uncover and access the borough’s rich music heritage between the 1960s and 1990s. It will focus on the engagement of young people with heritage.

Decision: Award grant of £153,500

Celebrating 40 years of Creativity Works

Applicant: Creativity Works for Everyone

Project description: To celebrate 40 years of this grassroots community development organisation. This will be done through collating oral histories of previous project participants, using memories and archive material to help people get creative, and improve people's mental health through a series of creative wellbeing challenges.

Decision: Award grant of £4,000

Young on the move for heritage: Tell me your story!

Applicant: Meridian Women's Association

Project description: This project will talk to young black African girls and women to engage them in their heritage through storytelling.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

Extending the Museum's Exhibition and Learning Spaces

Applicant: Shaftesbury Abbey and Museum Preservation Trust Company Limited

Project description: This project will extend the exhibition and learning spaces at Shaftesbury Abbey Museum.

Decision: Reject

Postcards from the Edge

Applicant: Art in Romney Marsh

Project description: This project will develop an audio trail that identifies LGBQT+ history and heritage of Romney Marsh.

Decision: Reject

Windrush Carnival Arts

Applicant: Windrush Caribbean Film Festival

Project description: The second Windrush Film Festival will be a virtual event celebrating the impact of the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s largest street festival.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

African Diaspora Festival

Applicant: African Diaspora Foundation

Project description: This Milton Keynes festival celebrates the diversity of the continent of Africa with the aim of creating a culture of understanding and tolerance in the local community.

Decision: Reject

The Woolshed Training Project

Applicant: Wye Community Farm

Project description: The Woolshed is a heritage skills project giving young and old the opportunity to learn new skills.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000

The COVID We Remember

Applicant: Ming-Ai Association

Project description: This project aims to digitally preserve memories and testimonials of the impact of COVID-19 on the Chinese communities in the UK.

Decision: Award grant of £9,800

The Great Explosion of Faversham April 1916

Applicant: Davington Primary School

Project description: To enhance community links and understanding of the local area and promote British values in the diverse catchment area.

Decision: Reject

Buzzing Little Barrington ‒ Churchyard conservation and heritage

Applicant: Little Barrington PCC

Project description: To undertake conservation work on seven Grade II listed chest tombs dating between 1550 and 1812.

Decision: Reject

Karagoz ve Hacivat Puppet Show

Applicant: Third Age Challenge Organisation

Project description: To open a workshop teaching how to create puppets and put on a show for children and adults in English and Turkish

Decision: Reject

Westbury on Trym ‒ Historic Wall

Applicant: Callum Heath

Project description: To reconstruct and rejuvenate a 15-metre section of a medieval stone wall.

Decision: Reject

Loughborough Estate

Applicant: Loughborough Estate Management Board Ltd

Project description: During the pandemic, supplying over 300 vulnerable and elderly residents with essential commodities including food items and basic toiletries.

Decision: Reject

Structural Repairs to the Endeavour HQ

Applicant: 1st Godstone Scout Group

Project description: To undertake structural repairs to the Scout Groups Headquarters (known as ‘The Endeavour’).

Decision: Reject

Development of online archive

Applicant: The Archive Resource Centre

Project description: Preserving documents, photographs and oral histories in the parishes of Fairlight, Guestling and Pett in East Sussex.

Decision: Reject

Battmann Evolution Save the Planet: reduce carbon emissions!

Applicant: Battmann Ltd

Project description: To support research and development for the pre-study of the proof of concept site in Kings Cross.

Decision: Reject

Longlands Conservation, Health and Wellbeing Project

Applicant: Made-well CIC

Project description: Providing nature and conservation-based opportunities for people, especially those with learning difficulties, mental health issues and loneliness.

Decision: Reject

Update the shop to facilitate online orders and modernise machinery

Applicant: Cheeses of Muswell Hill Ltd

Project description: Changing the fridges to make more room for packing on-line orders at this family-owned cheese shop.

Decision: Reject

Restoring and repairing the roof of a Georgian Chapel in Bath, now The Mission Theatre

Applicant: Next Stage Theatre Company

Project description: Replace the roof on the 250-year-old listed ex-chapel.

Decision: Reject

One More Time Film and Community Sessions

Applicant: One More Time Film CIC

Project description: To stimulate wider engagement, interest, awareness and understanding of Britain’s iconic rock and pop songs from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Decision: Reject

History of Chinnor Rugby Club

Applicant: Chinnor Rugby Football Club Ltd

Project description: Exploring the history of the rugby club formed in 1962.

Decision: Reject

How our community responded to Coronavirus

Applicant: Ashford & District Volunteer Bureau

Project description: To record the stories of 30 local people who were involved in the COVID-19 mobilisation response.

Decision: Reject

Homefield Roots

Applicant: Friends of Homefield Park

Project description: Creating three audio tours centred on Homefield Park and the adjacent Beach House Park, plus adjoining streets, seafront and pier.

Decision: Award grant of £6,600

Outdoor Classroom

Applicant: Cornwall Guide Association

Project description: Build an outdoor classroom at the three-acre campsite to be used by everyone in the community.

Decision: Reject

Mcast: Life During Slavery

Applicant: Majivuno

Project description: To fund a podcast aimed at raising awareness and providing an educational resource for the black community.

Decision: Reject

Roof Repair

Applicant: Mary White

Project description: To fund repair work on the roof of a Grade II listed property on Reigate High Street.

Decision: Reject

Tracing the Cretaceous Coast ‒ Mysterrasaur

Applicant: IDOLRICH theatrerotto

Project description: To present a new performance and workshops at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery.

Decision: Reject

Change in grant percentage

Search and Learn

Applicant: Wells & Mendip Museum

Project description: To reinvigorate and retell the social story of Wells through the refurbishment of two city galleries, the installation of new displays and the refurbishment of the founder’s study.

Decision: change the grant percentage from 66% to 65%.