England, London & South: delegated decisions July 2021

England, London & South: delegated decisions July 2021

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, London & South, on 14 July 2021

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

Festivals Unlocked: Reconnecting communities through festive food heritage

Applicant: CHAI (Culture History And I)

Project description: To document, preserve and share untold heritage of festive foods associated with Kingston's South Asian communities, focusing on bringing older members of the community together who have faced hardship and isolation from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Decision: Award grant of £29,527 (100%

BOTANY BAY: Heritage responds to Colonialism, Climate Change and Covid

Applicant: Border Crossings

Project description: To engage a diverse range of people and adult volunteers with this heritage, exploring how decolonising our understanding of horticulture can lead to more sustainable lifestyles.

Decision: Award grant of £132,476 (100%)

Preserving and promoting Her Stories with the Feminist Library

Applicant: Feminist Library and Information Centre

Project description: To improve accessibility of spaces and collections following the library’s relocation to Peckham.

Decision: Award grant of £63,400 (100%)

Language of Nature: creating deeper, more meaningful natural connections for people with disabilities

Applicant: Sensory Trust

Project description: To engage people who use different languages and communication needs with green spaces in their local areas, creating a more inclusive and meaningful experience.

Decision: Award grant of £248,900 (91%)

Palaeo Pixels: Future Climate Pioneers

Applicant: DigVentures

Project description: To run a 12-month series of activities with the University of Winchester and Churchward School, centred around the Oak Tree Fields site with a mixture of audience and public engagement.

Decision: Award grant of £74,600 (100%)

Inspire to Achieve Heritage Programme: Uncovering the Histories of the Footballers Who Paved the Way

Applicant: Jason Roberts Foundation

Project description: To celebrate the untold stories of a dozen former footballers, each of whom grew up within sight of Wembley Stadium, and whose stories will inspire our community through a range of outputs and activities.

Decision: Award grant of £53,600 (88%)

NEW HORIZONS: Accredited training opportunities to sustain a legacy for world music heritage

Applicant: Pandit Ram Sahai Sangit Vidylaya (PRSSV)

Project description: To build on existing work of broadening access and understanding of the musical heritage of UK’s BAME communities.

Decision: Award grant of £97,100 (89%)


Applicant: Bristol Community FM

Project description: To run a two-year community oral history project from BCfm Radio, in partnership with Bristol Cable, Bristol Archives and University of the West of England Bristol.

Decision: Award grant of £125,000 (100%)

Becontree Estate's Treasured Memories

Applicant: Positive Change Consultancy CIC

Project description: To capture the heritage of the Becontree Estate through a series of community activities and workshops.

Decision: Award grant of £40,000 (100%)

20 Years of Respect in Plymouth

Applicant: WonderZoo CIC

Project description: To document, share and safeguard the memories and histories of Respect festival, which have not been collected or preserved to date.

Decision: Reject

Bo’Biso: The Congo/UK Common History Task Force Revisiting Morel and the Congo Reform Association

Applicant: South People's Projects-SoPPro

Project description: To research and mark the work of Edmund Morel (1873‒1924), who campaigned against the hardships of the Congolese during the colonial era, through activities and documentation outputs.

Decision: Award grant of £66,200 (100%)

Wildlife Around Hampstead Heath

Applicant: Heath Hands

Project description: To work with volunteers to improve the condition of Hampstead Heath’s biodiversity which has been impacted by high visitor numbers, and engage new and underrepresented audiences on its 150th anniversary. 

Decision: Award grant of £88,800 (100%)

Sculptures of Crystal Palace

Applicant: Invisible Palace

Project description: Volunteers and participants will undertake archive, gallery and site visits to gather resources and evidence to develop a walking tour of the sculptures. They will co-produce two introductory leaflets: one aimed at park users and people who are not digitally connected, the other designed for adults with learning disabilities. All research materials and walk resources will be available digitally.

Decision: Award grant of £78,400 (100%)

Henrietta Lacks ‒ A Brush with Immortality

Applicant: Bristol University

Project description: To educate young people on Henrietta Lacks.

Decision: Award grant of £19,800 (73%)

A Trumpet of Nap ‒ Bringing Long String Marionettes Back to Life

Applicant: Little Angel Theatre

Project description: To preserve and engage people in the heritage of long-string marionette puppets through training, school workshops, organisational upskilling and a show.

Decision: Reject

African Community Exhibition Project

Applicant: The Iris Project

Project description: To work with students and community members of African heritage to help develop a new display and information materials at the Rumble Museum, Cheney School.

Decision: Award grant of £9,300 (96%)

A Portrait of Parkfield

Applicant: Parkfield Peckers

Project description: To engage the local community and residents through weekly workshops with the residents and Glebe Primary School, a celebratory knowledge sharing event, and a display produced from findings.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (83%)

The History Of Docklands Documentary

Applicant: Full Circle @Docklands

Project description: To capture the experiences and stories of the elder communities, first generation Black British residents and current residents, culminating in a documentary and a range of social media assets. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,900 (100%)

Rediscovering Ramsgate's lost Sanger Circus

Applicant: Heritage Lab CIC

Project description: Working with young people, the project will collect memories about the building. Participants will write and deliver a public performance in collaboration with a local theatre company.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (100%)

Treasure Seekers Mural ‒ Chinbrook Meadows Tunnel Community Mural

Applicant: Artmongers Action CIC

Project description: To capture local intangible heritage and create a community mural through the Chinbrook Meadows Railway Tunnel in Lewisham.

Decision: Reject

Bodmin Digital Heritage

Applicant: St Petroc's PCC

Project description: To work with local volunteers and historians to undertake historical research, and develop a free interactive app with heritage trails across the local area in Cornwall.

Decision: Reject

Capturing the voice of people with learning disabilities

Applicant: Minstead Trust

Project description: To develop a model to involve people with learning disabilities in events and activities planning. This will be done through research, consultation, brainstorming, working groups, outputs such as exhibitions, leaflets and specialist reports, and training for staff and trustees.

Decision: Award grant of £4,800 (100%)

West African Dance Stories

Applicant: African Night Fever CIC

Project description: To deliver West African dance stories, uncovering ancient traditions, and other intangible cultural heritage, attached to West African dance. This will be achieved through research and interviews with Griot families, delivering participatory workshops on the dance techniques, oral history delivery and demonstrating the training undertaken by a Griot dancer.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (98%)

The Annetta Pedretti Archive

Applicant: Assemble Studio CIC

Project description: To preserve, catalogue and share the archive of Annetta Pedretti, a long-time campaigner to protect the heritage of Spitalfields from gentrification and property speculation. 

Decision: Award grant of £9,700 (100%)

Celebrating our Black Heroes: The Story of John Richard Archer ‒ Battersea's First Black Mayor

Applicant: Black Heroes Foundation

Project description: To create a play to celebrate John Archer, the first black mayor in London.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (35%)

Literary Links

Applicant: Chertsey Museum

Project description: To run a series of workshops in the local secondary schools and in the museum to engage with older children. The project will teach them how to illustrate their own stories using various artistic styles. An exhibition will feature 40 original illustrations.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (74%)

Cornish Black Bee Conservation & Education Centre Project

Applicant: N B Bees

Project description: This nature-focused project aims to expand the population of native honey bees while educating people about their importance. 

Decision: Reject

Bix Community Hub

Applicant: St James Bix Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Project description: To formalise the information within the church for educational research. The project would create educational trails around the village, originating from the church building, which would then double as an educational resource centre.

Decision: Reject

Hear and Now ‒ Torbay stories collected and produced by young people for everyone

Applicant: Sound Communities

Project description: To build on their previous project and add more stories to their oral history bank.

Decision: Reject

Opening up the Catholic archives for Cornwall, Devon & Dorset

Applicant: PRCTDR

Project description: To transform neglected and unused office space in the Edmund Rice building in Plymouth into an easily accessible, attractive, modern archive with reading rooms for the public and interactive displays for school visits. There would be volunteering opportunities for local people and a supported engagement programme to bring the archive to a wide audience.

Decision: Reject

St Lawrence Church Bell, Tower and Community project

Applicant: St Lawrence Church

Project description: To fix the church and create a heritage trail to help involve the local community and tourists in heritage.

Decision: Reject

Voices of the Enslaved

Applicant: The Moravian Union

Project description: To unearth some accounts of people enslaved in British territories, especially in the century leading up to the abolition in 1834. This would allow African and Caribbean communities to discover and document their heritage.

Decision: Reject

Miksa Mobile toys

Applicant: artfreedome

Project description: To cheer up disabled people who have been isolated due to covid through educational books, toys and games.

Decision: Reject

Wild Garden

Applicant: Somerset County Council

Project description: To install a wildlife pond and small-holding. This will support natural wildlife and encourage children and communities to respect and care for nature.

Decision: Reject

ChessFest ‒ Outdoor Chess Festival

Applicant: Chess in Schools and Communities

Project description: Host a Chess festival.

Decision: Reject

Earthwatch: Celebrating 50 years of creating knowledge and inspiring action

Applicant: Earthwatch Institute

Project description: A series of events and activities to help people engage with, and help protect, the environment.

Decision: Reject

The Greatest Story ‒ Timeline

Applicant: Wimbledon in Sporting History

Project description: To paint a timeline to celebrate the club’s history.

Decision: Reject

East Antsey Church Bell Restoration Project

Applicant: East Antsey Parochial Church Council

Project description: To repair the church bells.

Decision: Reject 

Bowling green renovation at Goring Heath Almshouses

Applicant: Goring and Almshouses Bowls Club

Project description: Relay and expand the green for a bowls club.

Decision: Reject

The Annual Black History Month Celebration Lecture

Applicant: Elaine Sihera

Project description: To broaden the monocultural narrative in society, to make it more inclusive of minority presence by providing a significant platform for the voices, achievements, and heritage of Black Britons. The project aims to lessen the negative perspectives that often undermine minority actions and to celebrate what is positive and enhancing.

Decision: Reject

Grant increase

Murston Heart: shaping a new future for Murston Old Church

Applicant: Murston All Saints Trust

Project description: To improve the only surviving remains of the medieval church of All Saints, a Scheduled Ancient Monument on the Heritage at Risk Register.

Decision: Award a grant increase of £55,300 to make a total grant of £301,300 (29%)

Grant percentage change

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives: The Story of the Second World War

Applicant: Imperial War Museum

Project description: New Second World War and Holocaust galleries will provide the inspiration for a Second World War Partnership. Diverse communities throughout the UK will be supported to uncover and tell their war stories on a national stage.

Decision: Approve a change in the grant percentage from 12% to 12.5%