England, London & South: delegated decisions December 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to the Head of Investment, England, London & South, on 4 December 2019 and 16 December 2019

National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £3,000 - £10,000, 4 December 2019

Let’s Talk

Applicant: The Cheltenham Trust

Project description: The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum will transform 10 traditional phone boxes in Cheltenham’s town centre into a creative platform for collating LGBTQ+ memories within the Gloucestershire area.

Decision: Award £9,400 (63%)

Rites of Way with Mr Hardy – audio journey through woodland around Thomas Hardy’s birthplace

Applicant: The Thomas Hardy Society

Project description: This project will create an audio journey using digital technology through the ancient woodland near Hardy's birthplace.

Decision: Award £10,000 (70%)

The Fisherman’s Lodges Oral History Project

Applicant: St Ives Archive  

Project description: The Fisherman’s Lodges is an outreach oral history project which will engage with the fishing community in St Ives.

Decision: Award £10,000 (39%)


Applicant: Useful Productions

Project description: This project's aim is to explore and share the heritage of Cricklewood Broadway and its community stories in Brent.

Decision: Award £4,000 (53%)

The Pardner System and the Caribbean Community in Croydon from the 1950s Onwards 

Applicant: Advice Support Knowledge Information

Project description: The project will explore the pardner money saving system in relation to Caribbean communities in Croydon from the 1950s onwards.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)

The Living Archive photo-zine project

Applicant: Magnum Photos

Project description: The Living Archive photo-zine project will invite participants to explore Magnum’s archive of photography to create a zine.

Decision: Award £10,000 (100%)

Gravesend Hidden History

Applicant: Blueprint: Film Foundation

Project description: This project will work with young people to develop a series of short films based on true stories from the town’s past.

Decision: Reject

Portsmouth Maritime Heritage Art Project

Applicant: Artworx

Project description: Portsmouth Maritime Heritage Art Project focuses on teaching young people about local artists from the past who devoted their lives to painting the maritime scenes that surrounded them in Portsmouth.

Decision: Award £9,600 (94%)

Living Stories: The Heritage and Practice of Ka-Zimba Ngoma

Applicant: The Aspire Academy & Tuition Ltd

Project description: This project will explore the history and practice of Ka-Zimba, an art form which draws on African cultural practices and traces its roots to the British black civil rights movement.

Decision: Award £9,700 (100%)

The Irish Music Project

Applicant: Portsmouth Irish Society

Project description: The Portsmouth Irish Society hopes to revive interest in Irish music amongst club members and partner organisations.

Decision: Reject

Hamro Katha ni?: What About Our Stories?

Applicant: Skills and Care Greenwich  

Project description: This project aims to share stories of UK resident Nepalese women over 50 who have not had the opportunity to share their experiences before.

Decision: Reject

Making King John’s Museum more responsive to our local community, to ensure our future sustainability

Applicant: King John’s House and Tudor Cottage Trust Ltd

Project description: This project’s aim is to support a study to understand current visitor demographics, collect feedback and identify ways to attract new audiences to the site.

Decision: Reject

Wind-rush Detour…Untold stories - A Celebratory Event

Applicant: Jamboulay Carnival Arts

Project description: The project’s aim is to engage African Caribbean people over 50 and their families in a programme of activities to share African Caribbean culture.

Decision: Reject

National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £3,000 - £10,000, 16 December 2019

Tam Tam project

Applicant: Prayer for Peace International Ltd

Project description: This project aims to train 20 volunteers in multimedia and interviewing skills to run a historical and cultural community documentary to learn about heritage in Britain and the Congo. 

Decision: Reject

Aldbourne Medieval Fayre

Applicant: Aldbourne Community Heritage Group

Project description: This project will organise a Medieval Fayre to explore the history of the village.

Decision: Award Grant of £5,300 (91%)


Applicant: Young & Inspired

Project description: This project will engage young people to study traditional British crafts, particularly those on the Red List of Endangered Crafts.

Decision: Reject

VAULT Emerging Artists Programme

Applicant: VAULT Festival

Project description: VAULT Festival propose a two-month project (January - March 2020) to recruit 10 people to attend an eight-week programme about theatre.

Decision: Reject

Holy Cross church, Ramsbury Bell project

Applicant: Ramsbury & Axford Local Church Committee

Project description: Ramsbury & Axford Local Church Committee are seeking funding to undertake restoration works to the six church bells at Holy Cross Church in Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Decision: Reject

Discovering Kingsholm 

Applicant: Kingsholm C of E Primary and Nursery School

Project description: We aim to create and deliver a Children’s University module, suitable for all ages, which will be delivered to a minimum of 45 pupils in three chunks across the school year, culminating in a community gala which celebrates the history of Kingsholm from the Roman occupation to the present day.

Decision: Reject

Repairs to Nave and Porch Roof, bell tower cladding and tower clock

Applicant: St Andrews Church, Wootton Rivers PCC

Project description: An inspection (2016) of the II* listed church, requires re-tiling of the entire nave and porch roof.

Decision: Reject

Research, development and activity planning to turn derelict cabman’s shelter into gallery/reading room/café

Applicant: Movement Ltd

Project description: Movement Ltd seeks funding for a seven-month project located in Kensington and Chelsea to conduct a feasibility study around the reinvigoration of the disused cabby hut, situated in Chelsea Embankment Garden.

Decision: Reject

Yallah – Judeo-Arabic Music Conference 3-10

Applicant: Jewish Music Institute

Project description: The Jewish Music Institute (JMI) is dedicated to the celebration, preservation and development of the living heritage of Jewish music for the benefit of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Decision: Reject

125th Anniversary Celebration of the opening of St Andrews Park, Bristol, in 1895

Applicant: FOSAP – Friends of St Andrews Park

Project description: Community volunteer group Friends of St Andrews Park (FOSAP) are seeking a grant for a one-day festival (May 2020) to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the opening of St Andrews Park, North Bristol.

Decision: Reject

National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £10,000 - £100,000, 4 December 2019

Newham Heritage Month 2020

Applicant: London Borough of Newham

Project description: This project will facilitate exhibitions, guided tours, talks, activity workshops and reminiscence sessions to facilitate involvement across the community, supported by an accessible website for a larger-scale community project in the borough.

Decision: Award £83,100 (77%)

Bodmin Rides Again! / Bosvena A Varghok Arta!

Applicant: intoBodmin CIC

Project description: This project hopes to revive Bodmin Riding and Heritage Festival to celebrate the heritage of the town.

Decision: Award £30,600 (73%)

Westonbirt Gardens Revealed

Applicant: The Holfords of Westonbirt Trust

Project description: This project aims to conserve and widen access to the magnificent Grade I listed gardens at Westonbirt House.

Decision: Award Grant £100,000 (32%)

Outsiders (Then and Now)

Applicant: Museum of Homelessness

Project description: Working with groups and project partner Queerseum, this project will explore the links between the heritage of homelessness and LGBTQ+ communities.

Decision: Award £98,000 (100%)

Woodland Heritage Project

Applicant: Tortworth Forest Centre Community Interest Company

Project description: This project aims to restore the historic arboretum at Tortworth to maintain it for community use.

Decision: Award £100,000 (82%)

Project What If and The Perception of Time

Applicant: We The Curious

Project description: This project will explore seven themes linked to the concept of time and its impact on people, history, environment and places.

Decision: Award £80,000 (12%)

A Poetic City: The legacy of Thomas Chatterton in shaping Bristol’s poetic culture

Applicant: Bristol Cultural Development Partnership (BCDP)

Project description: This project will mark the 250th anniversary of the death of Bristol-born poet Thomas Chatterton, and raise awareness of him and his legacy.

Decision: Award £71,000 (75%)

Exploration 1990

Applicant: Half Moon Young People’s Theatre

Project description: This project will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Half Moon Theatre and research local and societal changes since 1990.

Decision: Award £36,500 (57%)

Kimmeridge Etches Collection Museum Resilience Project

Applicant: The Kimmeridge Trust

Project description: This project hopes to provide an effective solution to stop declining visitor numbers, stabilise finances and build a core foundation for sustainable growth for this museum.

Decision: Award £95,000 (86%)

Celebrating the Hidden Contribution of Women to Cornwall's Musical Heritage, Past & Present

Applicant: The Hypatia Trust

Project description: This project will celebrate the hidden contribution of women to Cornwall's musical landscape, past and present.

Decision: Award £33,600 (91%)

Plymouth Sound Maritime Heritage

Applicant: Seadream Education CIC

Project description: The Plymouth Sound Maritime Heritage project enables local communities to celebrate, appreciate and increase their awareness of the maritime heritage of Plymouth Sound, a bay on the English Channel.  

Decision: Award £77,600 (100%)

Forestry School Development

Applicant: Willsbridge Mill Community Refresh

Project description: This project will restore overgrown land and turn the 1.5 acre site into a forest school, with the aim of engaging children with woodcraft and nature.

Decision: Award £43,800 (100%)

Wimborne History Festival 2020 - 'Georgian Wimborne'

Applicant: Wimborne History Festival Ltd

Project description: This project will engage the community of Wimborne Minster and visitors to the area with the history of the Georgian period through a range of learning and engagement activities and a two-day festival.  

Decision: Reject

The Windrush: Stories, Reminiscences and Recollections

Applicant: Learning Through the Arts CIC

Project description: This project will research and record the stories of Caribbean migrants who arrived on the Empire Windrush and their contribution in Britain, focusing on Milton Keynes and Aylesbury.

Decision: Award £49,400 (100%)

Defence vs Welcome: The changing face of Portsmouth

Applicant: ArtReach (Trust) Ltd

Project description: This project will introduce new Portsmouth residents, focusing on refugees and asylum seekers to the city's history as an important naval and military city.

Decision: Reject

Swale Migration Stories

Applicant: Swale Community and Voluntary Services  

Project description: This project will collaborate with young people from BAME, LGBTQ+, lower socio-economic backgrounds and disabled groups in Sittingbourne, Isle of Sheppey and Faversham in curating a shipping container-based touring exhibition.

Decision: Award £44,300 (100%)

Fast and Dry

Applicant: Holy Trinity Church, Colden Common

Project description: This project seeks to restore walls of a Grade II listed church which requires significant structural repairs to the channel arch, roofing, ceiling and cornices.

Decision: Reject

Repairs to porch and vestry roofs

Applicant: The Church of the Transfiguration, Pyecombe

Project description: This project will carry out repairs to the Horsham stone roofs of the 850-year-old listed building.

Decision: Reject

Styling, Fashioning and Re-imagining the Heritage of Kent

Applicant: Kent Couture

Project description: This project will look at local agricultural heritage and the impact of traditional agricultural patterns of work upon shaping the landscape in terms of stories, folklore, narratives and the legacy of places of significance.

Decision: Reject

National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £10,000 - £100,000, 16 December 2019

Routes for Roots

Applicant: East Devon District Council

Project description: The project will target people from low income households, inactive adults, children and young people to explore the heritage of old paths in East Devon. 

Decision: Award £67,800 (69%)

City of threads – 7 decades of VI oral history

Applicant: Part Exchange Co

Project description: Part Exchange Co (PEC) is seeking a grant to develop a series of podcasts about the experiences and perspectives of visually impaired (VI) people living in Bristol over the past 70 years.

Decision: Award £43,600 

Hand in Glove: London’s East End Heritage of Boxing and Immigration

Applicant: Limehouse Boxing Academy

Project description: This applicant seeks funding for a peer-led project working with 15 young people from diverse backgrounds to explore the history of boxing, immigration and racism in London’s East End.

Decision: Award £53,100 (100%)

Caribbean Garden and Horticultural Heritage in South London

Applicant: Garden Museum

Project description: The Garden Museum hopes to explore Caribbean horticultural heritage of South London through the recording of oral histories, collection of relevant items, workshops and an exhibition.

Decision: Award £49,200 (80%)

The West End Job: Bicentenary of the Cato Street Conspiracy 1820-2020

Applicant: Westminster Community Reminiscence and Archive Group

Project description: This project will celebrate the Bicentenary of the Cato Street Conspiracy through a range of school activities, talks, walks and exhibitions in the Westminster area. It will also deliver a documentary, project website and KS2 education pack.

Decision: Award £72,400 (96%)

Safeguarding the Nation’s Digital Memory

Applicant: The National Archives

Project description: This project will see the creation of a new risk model to better support the archive sector with preserving digital heritage in the long term.

Decision: Award £93,500 (64%)

St Nicholas Bell Restoration Project, securing heritage from Yesterday for Today and Tomorrow

Applicant: St Nicholas Church, Little Horwood

Project description: This project will enhance bell ringing fixtures at Little Horwood church.

Decision: Award £32,500 (31%)

Heritage & Us: unlocking the hidden heritage of THCP for the wider community

Applicant: The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Project description: This project will support the Friends Group to improve the management and long-term sustainability of the Tower Hamlets Cemetery, one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’.

Decision: Award £98,900 (88%)

Southwark Folk: Southwark schools’ English folk music and dance project 

Applicant: London South Teaching School Alliance

Project description: This project will teach local pupils in Southwark about the history of English folk song and dance, exploring themes of migration, and cross-cultural links with folk music from other countries.

Decision: Reject

The Redbridge Way

Applicant: Eastside Community Heritage

Project description: This project will engage 10 Redbridge Youth Council members to research and collate local oral histories and to create a cycle route map, documentary and exhibition about Redbridge's cycling heritage.

Decision: Reject

“Vera’s Girls – Heroines of the SOE” documentary film, archive and heritage events

Applicant: Portsmouth Poetry

Project description: This project will research the WW2 legacy of Vera Atkins CBE, involving her work in the Special Operations Executive, evidence used in the Nuremberg Trials and the 39 women agents she trained to assist the French Resistance. The research will lead to a 30-minute documentary for the Imperial War Museum.

Decision: Reject

Internal re-ordering of St Andrew’s Church

Applicant: Yetminster and Hilfield PCC

Project description: The Yetminster and Hilfield PCC for St Andrews Church in West Dorset wish to undertake reordering works to the church. The project will seek to remove and resituate pews within the church.

Decision: Reject