England, London & South: delegated decisions April 2020 to March 2021

National Lottery Grants for Heritage Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment or Area Director, London &South, April 2020 to March 2021.

Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, London & South, for each date unless otherwise stated.

April 2020

1 April 2020

Connecting with our countryside ‒ "Eric Ravilious: Downland Man"

Applicant: Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society

Project description: Bringing a national level art exhibition to our rural community for the first time.

Decision: Agree percentage grant increase to 17%

21 April 2020

Seaton Tramway ‒ Travels through Heritage and the Axe Valley

Applicant: Modern Electric Tramways Ltd

Project description: To deliver a three-year activity programme to enable more people to engage with the heritage of the tramway and its relationship to the Axe Valley and the wider Jurassic Coast.

Decision: Agree grant percentage increase to 66% 

23 April 2020

St Sylvester's Church Renovation and Community Project, Chivelstone Parish, Kingsbridge

Applicant: The Parochial Church Council of St Sylvester's Church, Chivelstone

Project description: Restoration of St. Sylvester's Church, Chivelstone, a Grade II* medieval church, enhancing the congregation and visitor experience, and developing community.

Decision: Award an increase in the grant percentage to 64%.

29 April 2020

New Foundations Project: restoration and regeneration of drying sheds 1 & 2

Applicant: Bursledon Brickworks Museum Trust

Project description: Development of a second-round Heritage Enterprise bid to transform a Victorian brick drying shed into office facilities and a business hub

Decision: Agree percentage grant increase to 74%

May 2020

5 May 2020

Watching The Sun ‒ observing the sun from ancient times to present day

Applicant: Mayes Creative

Project description: At the start of Solar Cycle 25, we investigate and share the amazing story of solar observation, tracing links between Cornwall’s early astronomers and Cornwall’s exciting role in space exploration.

Decision: Agree percentage grant to 76%

21 May 2020

Save Our Special Ceiling and Promoting Education About Church Heritage

Applicant: St Michaels Church, Brent Knoll (The Parish of the Three Saints)

Project description: This project provides urgent repairs to Grade I listed St Michael’s Church, Brent Knoll, as well as activities to engage the local community with the built and natural heritage of the site.

Decision: Agree change in grant percentage to 45%

July 2020

7 July 2020 

Decisions under delegated powers to Area Director, London & South

St Paul’s Community Access Project

Applicant: St Paul’s Church, Chichester

Project description: This project engages a new team of volunteers, community groups, care homes and local schools in researching the lives of those featured in Chichester and putting on a series of events as part of a week-long Heritage Festival in June 2020.  

Decision: Award grant increase of £8,100 to make a total grant of £81,500 (44%)

August 2020

7 August 2020

Because I’m a Londoner

Applicant: Absolute Theatre

Project description: The project will engage with over 200 young people in three primary schools across London to explore what it means to be a Londoner, aspects of the city's history and how being a Londoner might have changed over the last few decades.

Decision: Agree percentage grant increase to 85%

12 August 2020

The restoration and repurposing of All Saints Isle Brewers

Applicant: Isle Brewers PCC and Village Community of Isle Brewers

Project description: Initial building works to All Saints Church funded from a GPOW award in February 2019 reveal that the building fabric is significantly damaged and requires further funding for repairs.

Decision: Award grant increase of £32,000 to make a total grant of £131,000

26 August 2020 

Decisions under delegated powers to Area Director, London & South

Shipshape Heritage Training Partnership 2 (SHTP2)

Applicant: National Historic Ships Committee

Project description: The SHTP2 project hosts 16 training placements, each of 12 months' duration, focusing on traditional seamanship and maritime curatorial practical skills. Trainees will be based across eight partner sites ranging from Scotland to the West Country. The project will bring together operational vessels with museum-based organisations.

Decision: Award grant increase of £9,500 to make a total grant of £413,400

September 2020

10 September 2020

Stone Age to Corinium: Discover the archaeology of the Cotswolds

Applicant: Cotswold District Council

Project description: Transformation of the Prehistory and Early Roman galleries, creation of a new Discovery Centre, conversion of the garden area to become a functional space connected to the museum and supported by a full activity programme.

Decision: Award grant increase of £17,500 to make a total grant of £694,400

St Peter’s: A Unique Forest Church

Applicant: Parish Church of St Peter in the Forest

Project description: To repair and restore the Grade II listed church, removing it from the Heritage At Risk Register and reconfigure its interior and accessibility to provide facilities from which to deliver a programme of activities.

Decision: Award grant increase of £19,100 to make a total grant of £1,389,100

16 September 2020

Voices of the Earth

Applicant: Global Generation

Project description: Ten young people aged 16 to 25, children from schools in Kings Cross and Somers Town, plus local volunteers, will learn more about the collection of 1,100 plants in the RCP's Medicinal Garden, about the beneficial plants in other local green spaces, and about plant migrations from across the world.

Decision: Agree change in grant percentage to 92%.

October 2020

8 October 2020

The Curzon: Revealing the Past – Sustaining the Future Phase 1

Applicant: Curzon Clevedon Community Centre for the Arts

Project description: Built as The Picture House in 1912, the Curzon has been continuously at the social heart of Clevedon for over 100 years. The Curzon acts as a cultural hub for the town, hosting live music and comedy nights, and live-streaming ballet, opera and theatre. This is all now at serious risk because the roof has deteriorated to the point where leaks are frequent, including into the main auditorium itself.

Decision: Award grant increase of £28,200 to make a total grant of £268,100

Sickle Cell Disease in the UK: 1950 to the present day

Applicant: The Sickle Cell Society

Project description: This project charts the history of sickle cell disorders (SCD) in the UK since the Windrush generation’s arrival. SCD disproportionately affects people of Black African and Caribbean heritage and is now the UK’s fastest growing genetic condition ‒ changes over the last 70 years have been immense.

Decision: Award grant increase of £9,456 to make a total grant of £80,856

Ke  Kernewek: Tresor  Gonisogeth  (Cornish Hedges: Cultural Treasure)

Applicant: Golden Tree Productions CIC

Project description: Skilled Cornish hedgers will be building KERDROYA: The Cornish Landscape Labyrinth ‒ a 50-metre diameter classical labyrinth on Bodmin Moor. Kerdroya was the successful bid for ‘Diamond Landscapes’, honouring 60 years of the Cornwall AONB.

Decision: Agree change in grant percentage to 70%.

February 2021

5 February 2021

LGBT+ Equals Me: A Skip, A Hop & A Jump

Applicant: East Sussex County Council, East Sussex Records Office

Project description: The project focuses on histories of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or Questioning) people and communities in East Sussex, outside of Brighton, over the past 100 years, connecting cultural institutions and grass roots youth work. 

Decision: Agree change in grant percentage to 100%.

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