England, London & South: delegated decisions April 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Area Director, London & South, The National Lottery Heritage Fund, on 4 April 2019.

National Lottery Grants for Heritage

South Gloucestershire in the Second World War

This project aims to share gathered heritage from the community who lived through the Second World War through digital social media. It will build on the resources created by South Glos Council's project Second World War Stories, along with new research into how lives in South Gloucestershire were affected at home and in active service, and produce a Twitter Story that will share the heritage of the local community.

  • Applicant: Brass Works Theatre
  • Decision: Award Grant of £4,900 (100%)

Arab Britain: An Oral History

Iraqi-British filmmaker and photographer Hydar Dewachi will record 5 oral history interviews, 5 short documentary films, and 5 portraits – 1 per interviewee. 5 volunteers will be trained in collecting oral histories, and they will each record 2 further interviews which will be archived on the organisation's website.

  • Applicant: The Arab British Centre
  • Decision: Reject

Victorian Ivybridge

A series of events linked to the town in Victorian times and involving as many different local groups as possible. It will include many different forms of art, including music, melodrama and an exhibition, in order to celebrate our Victorian heritage.

  • Applicant: Ivybridge Community Arts
  • Decision: Award Grant of £6,600 (100%)

Themed History Panels of the Fields

This project will produce and erect four different information panels at the entrances to Lincoln's Inn Fields to inform, educate and entertain the users of the Fields.

  • Applicant: Friends of Lincoln's Inn Fields  aka  FLIF
  • Decision: Reject

Frome -The Fecund Coming: Samhain & Môdraniht

Rare Species CIC will write, produce & perform "Frome - The Fecund Coming: Samhain & Mōdraniht”, a comedy performance piece using the streets of Frome, Somerset as the performance space. Wrapped up in the guise of a guided walk around the town, it will examine the notion of Cult & culture & invite the audience to explore the town’s heritage through a retelling of its history.

  • Applicant: Rare Species CIC
  • Decision: Reject

The Maytree Respite Centre "Calm Amidst Chaos": A Community Garden Preservation Project Promoting Mental Health

A community garden project to redevelop the garden space in the back of the Respite Centre. It aims to preserve this natural space by creating a designed landscape that permanently focuses on mental health, working in partnership with an award-winning garden designer.

  • Applicant: The Maytree Respite Centre
  • Decision: Reject

Medieval Festival Parade 2019

The project aims to organise a big community parade to involve more of the townsfolk of Tewkesbury in the already established Medieval Festival and to bring the festival into the town centre for the benefit of the traders (the main festival takes place a mile outside the town.)

  • Applicant: Tewkesbury Medieval Festival
  • Decision: Award Grant of £10,000 (86%)

Clerkenwell Commons

This project will empower people to present a vision of their neighbourhood, routed in a better knowledge of their heritage by creating three displays in Clerkenwell to inform people of their heritage and provoke discussion of the future of the area.

  • Applicant: The Peel
  • Decision: Reject

Zoar Chapel

This two-month project aims to carry-out repairs and conservation work to a Baptist chapel in Canterbury, Kent.

  • Applicant: Aleasha Williams
  • Decision: Reject

Community heritage in Hounslow: archiving and sharing migration experiences

School children aged 10 - 15 will receive Oral History training and conduct interviews with BAME women who migrated to Hounslow from 1965 to 1975. With the Borough set to become one of the UK’s first non-white majority towns, these experiences could represent a significant chapter in the community’s heritage.

  • Applicant: ArtReach (Trust) Ltd
  • Decision: Award Grant of £23,900 (100%)

Lakanal House Fire 10-year Commemoration: Exploring a Community's Heritage to heal

Theatre Peckham and People's Company will produce an event commemorating the 2009 Lakanal House Fire, using storytelling, archival materials and performance. It will explore the heritage as a way of healing and improving the local community’s well-being by coming together and taking notice of the circumstances that led to
this tragedy.

  • Applicant: Theatre Peckham
  • Decision: Reject

Where will the wild things go?

The project aims to teach children how to give wildlife a home in their own back garden through interactive workshops and art, culminating in a model 'garden' that will be displayed in the Stables Gallery, Hall Place and Gardens.

  • Applicant: Friendship Society
  • Decision:Reject

Women on the Waves - Women at Sea from 1840 to 2019

Project description: The exhibition project will explore the history and role of women seafarers since 1840 (the date of UK mail contracts with P&O, Cunard and Royal Mail.) There are three elements: a temporary exhibition, associated learning events and lectures and, a volunteer programme.

  • Applicant: The Wellington Trust
  • Decision: Reject

Stockwell's Roots

Project description: A project in partnership with the Garden Museum that will explore the cultural heritage of food within deprived communities in North Lambeth.

  • Applicant: Oasis Children's Venture
  • Decision: Reject

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Area Director, London & South, The National Lottery Heritage Fund on 9 April 2019

Restoration of Sheerness Dockyard Church and new use as Sheerness Enterprise Centre

  • Decision: Agree percentage grant increase on delivery grant award (£4,216,100) from 52% to 61%.
  • Applicant: The Sheerness Dockyard Preservation Trust


Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Area Director, London & South, The National Lottery Heritage Fund, on 25 April 2019

National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £3,000 - £10,000

Fabric of Our Lives

The project is based around the themes of the award winning play, 'Three Mothers,' which will start touring the UK from June 2019.  It covers the following themes: forced migration, women moving forward, fabric and home.

  • Applicant: On the Wire productions
  • Award Grant of £3,300 (57%)

Kingsbridge 800th year of Market Trading celebration

A community event and street market is planned for 14th September 2019 to celebrate the 800th year of Kingsbridge being granted the charter to hold a market.

  • Applicant: Kingsbridge 800 Celebrations
  • Reject

Boundary wall - North side

The North boundary wall of St John the Baptist in Capel Surrey church is in a vulnerable state and will be rebuilt by a stonemason working with local volunteers.

  • Applicant: Capel and Ockley PCC
  • Reject

Ensonglopedia of British History

This project will create a modified version of an existing musical for performance in primary schools with accompanying song writing workshop. This will be supplemented by creating a teachers’ resource pack, filming an educational music video at Battle Abbey, and making an area of the website into an interactive local history resource.

  • Applicant: Ensonglopedia
  • Reject

Our Jericho': a Community Film Project

This project will create a film about Jericho, a unique corner of Oxford. It will follow up a film made 40 years ago for the BBC Community Access Programme ‘Open Door’ by the same film-maker, Maggie Black.

  • Applicant: Jericho Community Association
  • Award Grant of £7,200 (66%)

Polish Heritage Day

Polish Heritage Day aims to promote and celebrate Polish culture, the heritage of past generations and the positive contribution made by Poles in the UK.

  • Applicant: Polish Association Klan
  • Reject

HOP, SKIP AND JUMP - launching Heytesbury Open Place

The shared vision, under the overall title Heytesbury Open Place, is the creation of a vibrant sustainable hub, connecting the village to its local and regional heritage, supporting its current community as it looks to the future.

  • Applicant: PCC of Heytesbury with Tytherington and Knook.
  • Reject

Restoration of traditional Devon Stone Wall in Conservation Area at Davy Park

This project will restore to its original condition 30 metres of traditional Devon Stone retaining walling at Davy Park Chulmleigh. This restoration will happen concurrently with a research project by a local historian into the history of the park.

  • Applicant: Chulmleigh Parish Council
  • Reject

The Rona Sailing Project Archive

The Rona Sailing Project is a registered charity founded in 1960. The aim of the project is to preserve and make universally accessible, through the creation of an archive, a collection of historical documents and records about the Rona Sailing Project.

  • Applicant: Rona Sailing Project
  • Reject

Conservation for Wellbeing (green prescriptions) at Hazel Hill Wood

Hazel Hill Trust will research, promote and run a 'green prescription' conservation programme at Hazel Hill Wood. People affected by mental health issues, low self-esteem, learning disabilities, unemployment, social isolation etc. will be encouraged to come and do regular conservation work in the wood.

  • Applicant: Hazel Hill Trust
  • Award Grant of £9,600 (71%)

Becoming Becontree

‘Becoming Becontree’ is an oral history project to celebrate the centenary anniversary of the Becontree Estate in Barking and Dagenham. It will create a platform for residents, past and present, to record their experiences and memories of living and growing up on Europe’s largest public housing estate.

  • Applicant: Eastside Community Heritage
  • Award Grant of £9,800 (53%)

Home Fires- The stories of women and children during WW2

This project aims to better interpret the heritage of the Theatre Royal Winchester. The project will explore the stories of women and children in Winchester, and the role of the Theatre during WW2.

  • Applicant: Live Theatre Winchester Trust
  • Award Grant of £9,900 (100%)

Ashton Court Mansion - People's Mansion - Heritage Programme

This project will produce an intergenerational ‘People’s Mansion’ heritage programme showcasing the rich history of Ashton Court Mansion. Ashton Court, an estate to the west of Bristol, has been the site of a manor house since the 11th century.

  • Applicant: Artspace Lifespace
  • Award Grant of £10,000 (46%)

The Old House Project - Working Party 2019

‘The Old House Project’ will showcase the SPAB Approach to sensitive repair, saving St Andrews Chapel, Boxley, from dereliction and ultimately bringing it back into habitable use. In the summer of 2019 we will bring the SPAB's annual Working Party to the site for one week.

  • Applicant: The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
  • Reject

Community Garden

This project will construct a garden within Swanley Park. This will be available for all to use, with pathways and ramps from Car Parks to the community garden for disabled access.

  • Applicant: Swanley Town Council
  • Reject

Exhibition to showcase the images of mixed-race people telling the stories that define them

Mixedracefaces will produce and host an exhibition showcasing the images and stories of mixed-race people and how their lives define them.

  • Applicant: Mixedracefaces
  • Reject

National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £10,000 - £100,000

May & The Old Boys

This project aims to celebrate the voices of disabled people in history, focusing specifically on May Billinghurst, ‘The Cripple Suffragatte’ who was a key figure in the fight for Women’s Equality.

  • Applicant: Wyldwood Arts
  • Reject

Burden of shame, body of evidence

Working with young people in the South West, either currently or formerly in care, this project will research the lives of 'looked after' people over the past hundred years. An exhibition, creative film, and website will be produced.

  • Applicant: CLIPS
  • Award Grant of £38,000 (72%)

Youth Heritage Highways

This project is to preserve the cultural heritage and traditions of Albania for Albanian’s and non-Albanians residing in and around Enfield and surrounding boroughs. The project is focused on young people (including vulnerable groups) to become less isolated, integrated into a wider society and have better life opportunities.

  • Applicant: Arberia Ltd
  • Reject

National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £100,000 - £250,000

Holly Hedge Conservation Project - Land Purchase

The project will involve the purchase of twelve acres of pasture land in Barrow Gurney, near Bristol to create a nature reserve which will involve hedgerow and tree planting and installing wild flowers meadows in order to encourage wildlife to the site and protect existing habitats. 

  • Applicant: Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary
  • Reject

Sheviock Parish Church Community Archive

A 14-month project to deliver internal urgent repairs, upgrades to lighting, heating and access and extend their ‘Heritage Gateway’ project to develop a Community Parish Archive.

  • Applicant: Sheviock Parochial Church Council
  • Reject

Grants for Places of Worship Round 2

Urgent high level repair works to St Just in Penwith Church

Urgent high level repair works to address historic maintenance backlog. Works will include complete re-roofing of the church, re-leading main valleys and carpentry works and repairs

  • Applicant: St Just-in-Penwith Parish Church, St Just-in-Penwith
  • Decision: Award Grant of £226,000 (50%)