England, London & South: delegated decisions 5 March 2020

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of Investment, London and South on 5 March 2020

National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £3,000 - £10,000


Our community history through lived experience in Cam and Dursley

Applicant: GL11 Community Project

Project description: A community focused oral history project linked to increased wellbeing in vulnerable men.

Decision: Award grant of £9,700 (87%)


Connecting with our countryside – “Eric Ravilious: Downland Man”

Applicant: Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society

Project description: Bring a national level art exhibition to a rural community for the first time.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (15%)


Protest, pysanky and pechevo

Applicant: Association of Ukrainian Women

Project description: Conserve, catalogue and provide accessibility to the AUW’s archive.

Decision: Award grant of £5,300 (57%)


William Morris and Kelmscott Manor – public events

Applicant: Society of Antiquaries of London

Project description: Three public events to share the Society’s Kelmscott Manor and Society collections with the public.

Decision: Award grant of £9,800 (59%)


The Art of Selling Songs – A Musical Trail

Applicant: Torre Abbey, Torquay

Project description: Create a downloadable audio trail that celebrates the musical heritage of Torbay. 

Decision: Reject


Remembering VE day 75 years on

Applicant: Living Archive

Project description: Facilitate activities for young people to engage with Second World War oral histories and memories from the Living Archive Milton Keynes’ (LAMK) archives.

Decision: Award grant of £9,000 (90%)


Historic Airport 100

Applicant: Carnesky Productions Ltd

Project description: 1-day community festival to explore themes of the airport during World War One, 1920s-1930s air travel, and the Battle of Britain.

Decision: Reject


Showwomen Archive Project 2020

Applicant: Carnesky Productions Ltd

Project description: Explore the heritage of female entertainers who starred in popular live shows and touring entertainments since the late 19th century.

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (87%)


Sharing the Heritage of the native dark honey bee of The British Isles

Applicant: The B4 Project

Project description: Conserve and share the heritage of the native dark honey bee and support work to get it formally recognised as a native species and rare breed.

Decision: Reject


National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £10,000 - £100,000


Rambert School 100

Applicant: Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Project description: Explore and document the history of Rambert School.

Decision: Award Grant of £36,600 (55%)


Moor to Sea – Looe Valley Heritage

Applicant: Looe Development Trust

Project description: Engage local people in the heritage of their valley and build partnerships and capacity among local heritage organisations.

Decision: Award Grant of £53,000 (61%)


Horses and hot air balloons: Reporting the news before the internet

Applicant: The Guardian Foundation

Project description: Use archives to engage pupils with media history, developing their understanding of heritage and the history behind today’s digital news landscape.

Decision: Award grant of £23,800 (100%)


Securing the future for St Mary with Christ Church, Wanstead

Applicant: St Mary the Virgin, Wanstead

Project description: Support the PCC to strengthen their governance and capacity, develop a fundraising strategy and business plan to become more resilient, whilst engaging the community through an expanded activities offer.

Decision: Award grant of £72,500 (91%)


Greenham Uncommon: everything you never knew about Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp

Applicant: Scary Little Girls Association

Project description: A programme of activities using testimonies of 100 women from Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp.

Decision: Award grant of £88,000 (80%)


Rewilding champions of North Somerset

Applicant: North Somerset District Council

Project description: Engage local communities in understanding and improving the biodiversity of amenity grasslands in North Somerset, while supporting skills development and employability.

Decision: Award Grant of £89,900 (90%)


Watching The Sun – observing the sun from ancient times to present day

Applicant: Mayes Creative

Project description: At the start of Solar Cycle 25, this project will investigate and share the amazing story of solar observation, tracing links between Cornwall’s early astronomers and Cornwall’s exciting role in Space Exploration.

Decision: Award Grant of £51,900 (75%)


Trent Park House Revealed: Supporting Trent Park Museum Trust to Secure the House’s Future

Applicant: Trent Park Museum Trust

Project description: Build the Trent Park Museum Trust’s capacity to take on the site’s management prior to its planned public opening.

Decision: Award Grant of £91,600 (100%)


Bentley Priory’s Battle of Britain & Cold War Bunker: Defending Britain from Nazi & Nuclear Threat

Applicant: Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Trust

Project description: Interpret and share the history of the bunker at Bentley Priory and stories of Royal Air Force and Women’s Auxiliary Air Force personnel who worked there during the Battle of Britain and the Cold War.

Decision: Award Grant of £68,500 (100%)


Uncovering London’s Hidden Histories

Applicant: Film London

Project description:Expand and raise awareness of BAME moving picture heritage in Newham and Brent.

Decision: Reject


The Islanders: the industrial and community heritage of Silvertown and North Woolwich

Applicant: Thames Festival Trust

Project description: Record and share the industrial and community heritage of the ‘island’ of North Woolwich and Silvertown in Newham.

Decision: Award Grant of £98,700 (91%)


Hidden Heroes

Applicant: Natural Theatre Company (Bath Arts Workshop)

Project description: Celebrate a shared sense of space in surprising heritage areas.

Decision: Award Grant of £50,200 (84%)


St Lawrence’s Project

Applicant: Cornwall Rural Community Council

Project description: Encouraging local and regional communities to explore and access St Lawrence’s heritage.

Decision: Award Grant of £32,100 (100%)


Streets of Plenty

Applicant: Fusion – Oxford’s Community Arts Agency

Project description: Exploring, mapping and celebrating Oxford's history of food production and culture, focusing specifically on East Oxford.

Decision: Reject


Bell Tower Restoration

Applicant: St Mary’s Church Hartley Wespall

Project description: Repair the church's bell tower and create engagement opportunities.

Decision: Award Grant of £26,200 (28%)



Applicant: Friends of Ashburton Priamry School

Project description: Bring the woodland heritage of Ashburton to life and provide a unique opportunity to look after formally designated natural heritage.

Decision: Award Grant of £55,000 (93%)


Tide Mills – A living history

Applicant: LYT Productions

Project description: Showcase the heritage of the former Tide Mills village in Sussex through a programme of activities.

Decision: Award Grant of £98,900 (94%)


The Thyateria Project: Recording the Eastern Orthodox Heritage in London

Applicant: Alperton Community School

Project description: Deliver a project based around the heritage of Greek Orthodox communities of London.

Decision: Award Grant of £31,600 (74%)


Mend and make good

Applicant: Holnest Church of the Assumption

Project description: Engage members of the community with the heritage of the Holnest Church of the Assumption.

Decision: Award Grant of £74,500 (58%)


Ke Kernewek: Tresor Gonisogeth (Cornish Hedges: Cultural Treasure)

Applicant: Golden Tree Productions CIC

Project description: A new community engagement initiative which will run in parallel with the main Kerdroya build. ‘Ke Kernewek: Tresor Gonisogeth’.

Decision: Award Grant of £98,800 (52%)


Save Our Special Ceiling and Promoting Education About Church Heritage

Applicant: St Michael’s Church, Brent Knoll (The Parish of the Three Saints)

Project description: Urgent repairs to Grade I listed St Michael’s Church, Brent Knoll, as well as activities to engage the local community with the built and natural heritage of the site.

Decision: Award Grant of £39,000 (43%)



Applicant: The Kala Chethena Kathakali Troupe

Project description: This project features Kathakali and Bharatanatyam, the classical arts of Kerala India, their culture and the memories of people from Kerala who migrated to Croydon.

Decision: Award Grant of £49,900 (79%)


A Common Heritage – Restoration, Inspiration & Community Engagement at Historic Harrow Weald Common

Applicant: London Borough of Harrow

Project description: Transform Old Redding, a site of regional nature conservation importance, once part of the historic expanse of Harrow Weald Common.

Decision: Reject


National Lottery Grants for Heritage: £3,000 - £100,000 - Recommended for Reject


Axbridge Pageant Festival 2020

Applicant: Axbridge Pageant Trust

Project description: Delivery of the town pageant, which is due to take place summer 2020. 

Decision: Reject


Installation of new bells, vestry, security, and tower repairs for St Mary the Virgin Hawkesbury

Applicant: St Mary’s Hawkesbury PCC

Project description: Repair the Grade I listed tower, install new bells and platform, refurbish the vestry to include new kitchenette, replace wooded vestry screen with glass contemporary design, install new security and work with the local primary school.

Decision: Reject


Cheese and Grain: The People’s Story

Applicant: Frome Cheese and Grain Ltd

Project description: Document and research the history of the Victorian Cheese and Grain building.

Decision: Reject


Constitutional History Project

Applicant: Oakwood Park Grammar School

Project description: Invite a group of young people to examine the process and impacts of change to the 'unwritten' constitution of the UK. Understand the heritage of the constitution and the events that are continuing to influence it.

Decision: Reject


Guilding The City; towards a New World

Applicant: Arts and Heritage

Project description: Create a series of outdoor art installations across the City of London which will be part of the national response to the Mayflower 400th anniversary in 2020, focusing on the City’s role.

Decision: Reject


Sithians Parish Council

Applicant: War Memorial Refurbishment

Project description: Add five additional names of men lost in the First World War and Second World War to the village's War Memorial.

Decision: Reject


Oral Histories and Interactive Map

Applicant: Ambition Lawrence Weston

Project description: Develop a digital interactive map of Lawrence Weston, a post war housing estate in north west Bristol, situated near to an industrial estate, docks and bordering a wildlife reserve.

Decision: Reject


Wickham’s 900 Years at the Crossroads

Applicant: St. Nicholas Wickham 900

Project description: Explore the history of Wickham in South East Hampshire through a community event and animated film, supported by historical photographs.

Decision: Reject


Putting Carers in the picture- Care for the Carers photography project

Applicant: Care for the Carers

Project description: Capture oral history of caring by using photography to help carers explore their caring role and share their experiences of caring with the wider public.

Decision: Reject