England, London & South: Committee decisions, September 2020

Schedule of Decisions for National Lottery Heritage Fund Committee for England, London & South meeting on 15 September 2020.

SF4 Delivery round applications 

More Than Words – making heritage accessible through co-designed inclusive sensory-rich interpretation

Applicant: The Sensory Trust

Decision: Award grant of £191,600 (82%)

Heritage Restoration of Falmouth's Ponsharden Cemeteries

Applicant: Falmouth Town Council

Decision: Award grant of £296,500 (58%)

Dover's Maison Dieu: Reawakening a Gothic Fantasy

Applicant: Dover District Council

Decision: Award grant of £4,272,500 (46%)

We Are London - collections, galleries and people in a new museum at West Smithfield

Applicant: Museum of London

Decision: Award Grant of £4,597,300 (11%)

SFF Delivery round applications

Light and Inspiration: Transforming the RWA (Royal West of England Academy)

Applicant: Royal West of England Academy

Decision: Award grant of £1,373,600 (41%)