East Midlands: delegated decisions February 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of The National Lottery Heritage Fund East Midlands on the 21st February 2019

Grants for Places of Worship

Roof repair All Saints Middleton Cheney  

All Saints Church, Middleton Cheney, is a Grade I, 14th Century Church located in Northamptonshire, to the east of Banbury.  This project will repair and replace roofs and rainwater goods. Activities will include an enhanced website, produce an app and book and participate in Heritage Open Days.

Applicant: All Saints Church PCC, Middleton Cheney

Decision: Award grant of £204,100 (67%)

Our Heritage

The story behind Edgar Mobbs's Sportsman’s Battalion

This project will research and interpret a lesser- known part of Northampton’s heritage.

Applicant: Northampton Saints Foundation

Decision: Award a grant of £62,100 (78%)

Inspiring Bosworth- creating a heritage legacy in the battle landscape

This is a schools and communities based project to research and investigate the archaeological and landscape heritage relating to the Battle of Bosworth.

Applicant: Leicester Shire Promotions

Decision: Award a grant of £38,900 (93%)

Digging the Dirt - Cultivating heritage with the gardeners and communities of St Anns Allotments

This project focusses on underexplored themes of social history that helped shaped the St Ann’s Allotments.

Applicant: STAA

Decision: Reject

Urgent repairs to Church Tower and Church rainwater system

This project will undertake repairs to St John the Baptist's Church, a Norman- period Church.

Applicant: Church of St John the Baptist Little Stretton

Decision: Reject

The Wellow Heritage Research and Interpretation Project

This project aims to research the heritage of Wellow and promote the heritage through activities.

Applicant: Wellow Church Schoolroom

Decision: Reject

Essential Works, re-branding, Heritage Exhibition, Improved Community Spaces and Activities at Milford Social Club

This project will repair the Milford Social Club heritage building and create an exhibition on the buildings heritage.

Applicant: Milford Social Club

Decision: Reject

The Butchers of Bolsover

This project would enhance the heritage offered to local people and visitors to the area, offering an insight into how Bolsover was self-sustaining.

Applicant: Adrian Wilkinson

Decision: Reject

Sharing Heritage

Robin Hood Terrace, Campbell Grove and The promenade, Nottingham

This project will explore the Victorian social housing and lives of tenants, sharing the heritage of listed buildings within the St Ann’s area.

Applicant: Nottingham City Homes

Decision: Award a grant of £8,200 (100%)

Derbyshire Creative Heritage Conference - How to Develop a Resilient Derbyshire Heritage Sector

This project will organise a conference focused on the theme of resilience with the heritage sector.

Applicant:Junction Arts

Decision: Reject

Lincolnshire Wolds Churches Festival

This project will create an annual churches festival. It will co-ordinate the opening of churches, chapels and meeting houses in the rural Lincolnshire Wolds.

Applicant: National Churches Trust

Decision: Award a grant of £7,700 (41%)

Discovering Donisthorpe - A Snapshot of times

This project will work with young people to identify the heritage of Donisthorpe.

Applicant: Donisthorpe Youth Club

Decision: Award a grant of £7,800 (93%)

Sharing Heritage in Ewerby:  restore the Reading Room and share the village heritage

This project will replace Ewerby Reading Room’s woodworm- damaged floor, research village history and establish an archive in the building.

Applicant: Ewerby Village Hall

Decision: Reject

Young Roots


This project will focus on engagement with schools and new interpretation, raising awareness of the heritage of the local waterways.

Applicant: The Mighty Creative

Decision: Reject

First World War: Then and Now

Belper in Wartime - Sacrifice Memorial & Education Programme

This project is to install a steel memorial in the War Memorial Gardens and carry out associated heritage engagement activities to remember the local men who lost their lives in World War 1.

Applicant: Belper In Wartime (Sacrifice)

Decision: Reject

Resilient Heritage (£10,000-£250,000)

Securing the Future

This project will build the capacity of Elvaston Castle and Gardens Trust over the next five years.

Applicant: Elvaston Castle and Gardens Trust

Decision: Reject