East of England: delegated decisions January 2019

Schedule of Decisions under delegated powers to Head of HLF East of England on 22 January 2019

Heritage Grants

1. South Norfolk Claylands – three County Wildlife Sites in a historic living landscape.

To recruit and train volunteers and local residents to improve three sites of natural heritage in two neighbouring parishes: Brockdish, and Dickleburgh & Rushall. St Clements Common (Rushall) and part of Brockdish Common are England's two most recently registered commons. Langmere Green (500 yards from St Clements) is designated as a County Wildlife site for its varied botany. Includes interpretation.

Applicant: The Conservation Volunteers, South Norfolk

Decision: Reject

2. Let the bells ring out for Stowmarket

Install a new steel bell frame, shutters and flexible sound controls, and augment the existing 8-bell peal to include 2 new smaller bells. A series improvements will be made to assist teaching of bell ringers, and a number of events and activities tailored for particular groups to learn about their tradition of bell ringing.

Applicant:The PCC of St Peter & St Mary's Church, Stowmarket Mid Suffolk

Decision: Reject

3. Bringing our heritage landscape alive

To carry out a programme of archaeological and archival investigations and activities; wildlife surveys and conservation of sites. It will involve residents, visitors, schoolchildren, families and special interest groups and enable them to acquire the skills needed to participate as active volunteers.

Applicant: Castle Acre Parish Council, King's Lynn and West Norfolk

Decision: Reject

4. Roma Heart

To celebrate International Romani Day on 8th April. To organise workshops and presentations at local schools and community venues. Engage with young Roma people and create a creative art expressing Roma themes, and to record oral histories with relatives/friends. Art exhibition, traditional food and dance activities also included.

Applicant: COMPAS, Peterborough

Decision: Reject

5. Sharing the beauty and heritage of St Andrew's

To restore glass in urgent need of restoration, move the Elizabeth I window to a prominent position where it can be seen by all visitors and celebrate the glass and building by organising a heritage event enabling the community and visitors to Norfolk to discover more about the church.

Applicant: Thursford Parochial Church Council, North Norfolk

Decision: Reject

6. Underpinning and repairing chancel wall, improving drainage. Digitising and exhibiting heritage material

Urgent structural repair to a Grade 2* listed church - underpinning and repair to the east chancel wall and drainage improvement. PCC to work on heritage project in partnership with the Parish Council to digitise the village's paper historic records and establish a greatly enlarged heritage section to the village website, expand the small history exhibition, and establish a Hargrave Heritage Society.

Applicant: PCC of St Edmund Hargrave, Suffolk St Edmundsbury

Decision: Reject

7. Cole Green Way Revisited

Reveal and restore historic features, make the area more attractive and user-friendly and enhance interpretation to celebrate its significant heritage. Establish a strong identity based on its railway heritage, upgrade signage and information provision and improve the quality of its surface.

Applicant: Countryside Management Service - Hertfordshire County Council, East Hertfordshire

Decision: Reject

8. Thelnetham Village Hall Renovation and Heritage Activities

Major restoration works, create a Heritage Trail and Map with organised walks and activities. Project research with Hopton school. Participants can learn and be a part of producing literature and pictures for display in the Village Hall. Run courses such as Flint Knapping, Hedge laying. Involve Thelnetham Windmill and LOHP with open days as part of a heritage trail to link in with their activities

Applicant: Thelnetham Village Hall, St Edmundsbury

Decision: Award grant of £99,800 (86%)

9. Reconnecting an Ancient Landscape: Reeves Meadows Thelnetham

Buy 6.6ha of land which links the internationally protected Thelnetham and Blo' Norton Fens with partner land and Hinderclay Fen, filling one of the last gaps in conservation ownership in this part of the Little Ouse Valley. Volunteer development training, using increasingly well-trained volunteers to progress land studies and habitat restoration plans. Opportunities for local people to become involved in conservation of their local sites, and to learn about the nature, landscape and social-historic heritage of the valley.

Applicant: Little Ouse Headwaters Project, Breckland

Decision: Reject

Sharing Heritage

1. Restoration and conservation of a unique 1838 Map of the parish of Leighton Buzzard

To restore and conserve a unique 1838 Map of the whole of the parish of Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire.
The future use of the Map has been carefully considered and enquiries have been made to find a suitable place within Leighton Buzzard to put it on permanent display.

Applicant: Leighton Buzzard Historic Maps Trust, Central Bedfordshire

Decision: Reject

2. Installing an Info-point system to provide an historical and architectural guide for visitors

An electronic store for all anyone would want to know about the church: its history and architecture, it's place in the village throughout the ages, what to see, pictures of the area, voices and tales of people in the village. Installing data on the equipment will involve volunteers from the community.

Applicant: Holy Trinity Church Balsham Parochial Church Council, South Cambridgeshire

Decision: Award grant of £4,200 (100%)

3. Tohu Wa-Bohu: A Creative Community Celebration of Heritage and Culture

To provide opportunities for people to participate in imaginative and socially stimulating heritage activities in their local community. Outputs will include at least one illustrated heritage talk, a heritage exhibition, a community 'mystery play' (3 performances), and a publication. Wide range of activities.

Applicant: North Norfolk Arts Co-operative, North Norfolk

Decision: Reject

4. Oral History: Alan Davie and The Old Hertford Brewery

To capture the oral history of people who knew the painter Alan Davie and people who worked at the Old Brewery. Includes training and exhibition with Hertford Museum.

Applicant: Hertford Arts Hub, East Hertfordshire

Decision: Award grant of £8,900 (91%)

5. Celebration of Bangladesh's Independence day

Volunteers to work with their neighbours, friends, family, and a wide range of community organisations to celebrate the Bangladesh Independence day, and the transformations in the culture, values, beliefs, behaviour and heritage of the Bangladeshi community in Luton.

Applicant: Creative Vision, Luton

Decision: Reject

6. Jumbo Water Tower - Uncovering the secrets of our heritage

To reveal the hidden history this architectural symbol of the town. Doing so will add to local knowledge and capture from a variety of sources additional information and memories. Information audit and display, recording personal histories, active workshop participation, teaching and public conversations.

Applicant: Colchester & North East Essex Building Preservation Trust, Colchester

Decision: Award grant of £10,000 (71%)

Resilient Heritage

1. Building Friends of Southend Cemeteries into a strong and dynamic community organisation

To create a community charity that can help support how the Sutton Road Cemetery, North Road Burial Ground and Leigh Cemeteries are taken care of in future.

Applicant: Blade Education, Southend-on-Sea

Decision: Award grant of £9,400 (100%)

Young Roots

1. The Data Curator

Young people from Ramsey, Sawtry, Alconbury and Huntingdon will research the local history of the 1980’s Cold War era and make a film, an exhibition and a site-specific performance in a nuclear bunker to mark the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The Heritage partner for the project is The Norris Museum.

Applicant: New International Encounter, Huntingdonshire

Decision: Award grant of £27,300 (68%)

2. Luton - How I Remember

Working with Luton Culture, young people will research issues around "employment" in Luton between 1950s to 1970s. Findings of the research will be compared with present day and will be shared with the wider community using the platform of radio broadcasting, social media and a booklet complimented by DVD and showcasing through events in the community.

Applicant: Diverse FM Community Media & Training, Luton

Decision: Award grant of £37,000 (98%)