East of England: committee decisions March 2019

Minutes of the last meeting of the Committee for the East of England will be held on Thursday 21 March 2019 at the Cambridge Office at 11.30am


  • Helen Wilson (Chair)
  • Sue Davies
  • Steve Miller
  • Carole Reilly
  • Phil Rothwell
  • Philip Venning


  • Joff Whitten

Committee Business:

1. Chair’s Report


The Chair reported:

  • That sadly this was the last meeting of the Committee for the East of England. The region had secured much funding for heritage during the lifetime of the lottery and would continue to do so moving forward;
  • Her thanks to the Committee for their tireless dedication to heritage and for their support and guidance;
  • The huge achievements were largely due to the dedicated team lead admirably by Robyn Llewellwyn and she wished to record her thanks to them all;
  • That she was looking forward to working in the new England, Midlands & East Committee.

Steve Miller on behalf of the committee reported his thanks to the Chair Helen Wilson for guiding the committee excellently in their decision taking and for her leadership and advocacy role in the region.

2. Minutes of the meeting on 6 December 2018

CEE 2019 (1) 2

The Committee agreed the minutes of the last meeting. These were signed by the Chair.

3. Matters arising from the minutes


There were none.

4. Corporate Update

CEE 2019 (1) 4

Anne Jenkins, Area Director Midlands & East presented the Corporate Update and thanked the Committee members on behalf of the Chief Executive, Chair and staff as a whole for the hard work and expertise that the members had bought to the Committee.

Anne Jenkins wished to record her special thanks and praise for the Committee and for the team and was delighted to be working with the region moving forward and with the new interim Committee which would formally commence on 1 April 2019, in line with the new organisational structures.

The London office would be moving to International House at St Katherine’s Dock in summer 2019.

The new National Lottery Heritage Fund branding was being shared and promoted more widely.

5. East of England Overview

CEE 2019 (1) 5

Robyn Llewellyn, highlighted the following key elements:

  • She had met with members of the Nottingham office team and looked forward to meeting colleagues in the Birmingham office and generally exploring the wider Midlands and East Area;
  • The Expressions of Interest process would be monitored across the Area teams to ensure they were being dealt with in a consistent way;
  • Stakeholder expectations were being managed with regard to the new structural changes and levels of delegation;
  • All the East of England targets for the priority development areas had been met;
  • The team continued to effectively manage grants business, including a huge increase in delegated grants, approving some high quality bids;
  • On behalf of the team, Robyn thanked both the team and the committee for their support over the years.

6. East of England Budget

CEE 2019 (1) 6

The paper was presented by Robyn Llewellyn.

Committee noted at this meeting there was one grant increase request. The Committee were asked to consider whether the case continued to meet the Fund’s outcomes strongly and offered good value for money.

SF4 Grant increase for discussion and decision

7. Restoring and improving the Electric Palace Cinema Harwich; HG-16-00225

CEE 2019 (1) 7

Applicant: Harwich Electric Palace Trust

Request: Award grant increase of £243,600 to make a total grant of £896,600

Previous grant award: Development Grant of £51,000 (86% of eligible development costs) awarded in September 2016. Delivery Grant of £653,000 (86%) awarded in March 2018

Reason for grant increase: To undertake unforeseen work to remove asbestos debris discovered in the roof space of the building. This work was necessary and without it, the building was uninsurable and therefore unusable by the public.

The Committee for the East of England AWARDED a grant increase of £243,600 to make a total grant of £896,600 (65% of total project costs).

Papers for information

8. Communications Report

CEE 2019 (1) 8

The report was noted.

9. Any other business


Steve Miller reported that Cadburys had recently launched a heritage campaign in which they encouraged individuals to undertake their own archaeological dig. Members suggested involving Cadburys members along to a heritage training day.

Note of Annotation: This was the last meeting of the Committee for the East of England. The Committee would be replaced from 1 April 2019 by an interim Area Committee for England, Midlands & East which would include the area originally covered by the Committees for the West Midlands, for the East Midlands, and the Committee for the East of England.