Board meeting: March 2020

Minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting on 24 March 2020 on Microsoft Teams



  • Rene Olivieri (Chair)
  • Maria Adebowale-Schwarte
  • Jim Dixon
  • Claire Feehily
  • Sarah Flannigan
  • Perdita Hunt
  • Ray McFarlane
  • David Stocker


  • Demmy Adewole
  • Colin Bailey
  • Eilish McGuinness
  • Isabel Hunt


  • Sue Bowers
  • Ros Kerslake
  • Emma Squire, Director, Arts, Heritage and Tourism, DCMS
  • Anne Young


  • Vanessa Wells


  • Kay Andrews


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting, the first NHMF Board meeting to be held virtually.


Board business


1. Minutes of the Board meeting on 18 February 2020 and matters arising

B 19/20 (8) 1

The minutes were agreed to be a true account of the meeting and signed by the Chair, following some minor amendments.


2. Declarations of interest


There were none.


3. Chair's Report

B 19/20 (8) 3

Rene Olivieri presented the Chair's report in which he outlined the meetings and events he had attended recently.


4. COVID 19 update

B 19/20 (8) 4

Redacted – in confidence.


5. Confidential

6. Confidential

7. Confidential

8. Confidential

9. Confidential

10. Confidential


11. Developing our brand

B 19/20 (8) 11

IH presented the brand proposals to the Board.

This work would be delivered in Q1, 2020/21, and the requested funding would cover the costs of an external branding agency to deliver three pieces of work:

  • Completion and enhancement of the original visual identity guidelines developed in 2018. These current guidelines are still in draft form and incomplete.
  • Development of a wider creative approach to design to provide the Fund with greater flexibility and meet accessibility standards (particularly for digital channels).
  • Development of a more impactful and visual approach to co-branding for our funded projects.

The Board approved the proposals.


12. Confidential


National Heritage Memorial Fund


13. NHMF report  

B 19/20 (8) 13

Vanessa Wells, Senior NHMF Manager, presented the NHMF report.


14. Barrie Cooke papers and artwork

B 19/20 (8) 14

Applicant: Pembroke College Cambridge

Recommendation: Award Grant of £38,600 (14%)

Decision: Award Grant of £38,600 (14%)

The NHMF Panel recommended the pre-application as a Medium priority to proceed to full application to the Board.

  The Board highlighted:

  • Barrie Cooke was a close friend and creative collaborator of the poets Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney; therefore, the papers would complement the applicant's current collection in relation to Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney.
  • His archive contains poetic manuscripts and letters, written to him by Hughes and Heaney and other poets and writers he befriended.
  • The papers would be well used by scholars for research as well as being presented in the exhibition.
  • Expert advice is highly supportive of this acquisition calling the archive 'A nested collection of treasures'
  • That the £20,000 funding from Pilgrim Trust was confirmed.

The Board AWARDED a grant of £38,600 (14%)


15. Paul Sandby 21 Views of North Wales

B 19/20 (8) 15

Applicant: Amgueddfa-Cymru – National Museum Wales

Request: Grant of £115,000 (40%)

Project: Amgueddfa-Cymru – National Museum Wales (NMW) wish to acquire a collection of 21 Views of North Wales by Paul Sandby, the 'father of English watercolour', painted 1771-1775

The NHMF Panel agreed the application represented a HIGH priority for support by the Board

The Board highlighted:

  • The importance of these paintings and the fact that they provide a social, cultural and political history of Wales.
  • That it was important that the paintings went to Wales, and the acquisition of these paintings by a public institution would ensure that they would be available for public access.

The Board AWARDED a grant of £115,000 (40%)


14. Leicester City Museum service

B 19/20 (8) 14

Applicant: Leicester City Museum Service

Request: Award Grant of £50,000 (33%)

Project: Leicester City Museum Service wishes to acquire an ancient Egyptian statuette.

The statuette is an Egyptian 'pair', Sutekhmose and Isinofret. Made of granite it dates from 1193-1185 B.C. It is linked to Leicester via the travel operator, Thomas Cook & Son which was founded in the city.

The NHMF Panel agreed the application represented a HIGH priority for support by the Board.

The Board highlighted:

  • The connection with the city of Leicester through Thomas Cook.
  • That the applicant has made a strong case for the statue's importance in the development of tourism and Leicester's central role in that story.

The Board AWARDED a grant of £50,000 (33%)


15. Derek Jarman's prospect cottage

B 19/20 (8) 15

Applicant: Art Fund  

Request: Award Grant increase of up to £393,570

Project: The Art Fund, working in partnership with Tate and Creative Folkestone, is seeking funding to acquire Prospect Cottage, the Dungeness home and garden created by Derek Jarman (1942–94), filmmaker, artist, and activist.

The NHMF Panel agreed the application represented a HIGH priority for support by the Board.

Vanessa explained that the grant increase requested was higher than the figure listed in the paper and discussed by the panel.

The Board highlighted:

  • The difficulty in raising funds for the project in light of the current COVID-19 crisis.
  • That there is no scope to re-negotiate the deadline with the will trust.
  • The wide-ranging public support for this acquisition.

The Board AWARDED grant increase of up to £393,570


Any other business


Board agreed that they would have another meeting at the end of April.