Board decisions: June 2019


  • Peter Luff (Chair)
  • Maria Adebowale-Schwarte
  • Anna Carragher
  • Jim Dixon
  • Claire Feehily (Items 1-11)
  • Sarah Flannigan
  • Perdita Hunt
  • Ray Macfarlane
  • Steve Miller
  • René Olivieri
  • David Stocker
  • Tom Tew


  • Kay Andrews

Committee Business

The Chair welcomed Trustees to the meeting and reported that he had received apologies from Kay Andrews.

The Chair also informed that the Board that they would be joined by a representative from Campbell Tickell, who would join the meeting to update the Board on the Governance Review.

1. Minutes of the Board meeting on 15 May 2019 and matters arising

B 19/20 (2) 1

The minutes were agreed and signed as a true record of the meeting. There were no matters arising.

2. Declarations of Interest


There were none.

3. Chair’s Report

B 19/20 (2) 3

The Chair presented his report and highlighted the following points:

That from July 2019 Board meetings would begin at 11am.

4. Chief Executive’s Report and Corporate Update

B 19/20 (2) 4

Ros Kerslake presented the paper and highlighted the following elements:

Work on The National Lottery 25th Birthday celebrations were progressing well and key dates would be shared with Trustees as soon as possible. The Fund would play a key role in the celebrations with many places we have invested in being part of the #ThanksToYou campaign. Trustees highlighted that the Lottery was launched at the Tower of London, opposite the new London Office in St Katherine Dock.

Bidding for The Fourth Lottery Licence was in the early stages.

Work was progressing well in regards to the London Office move to St Katharine Dock, with staff moving across estimated to being the week commencing 29 July 2019. Trustees congratulated Colin and his team on their work to achieve the move. This move, alongside the recent digitisation programme will save The Fund an estimated £1 million per annum.

As well as the change in time the Board were informed that meetings were likely to be held out of London more regularly in the future. Trustees agreed to discuss this in greater detail following the Governance Review, which would make recommendations on how frequently the Board would meet.

Trustees requested more exposition in regards to Key Performance Indicators to help them understand what was and was not being achieved. It was agreed that Colin would provide this going forward.

5. Feedback from Finance, Staffing and Resources Committee on 24 June 2019


René Olivieri updated the Board and highlighted the key areas that the Committee discussed; staffing costs, the pay award and the procurement of the Investment Management System. He also informed the Board that the Committee had been on a tour of the new office at St Katherine Dock.

6. Minutes of the Audit and Risk Committee on 6 June 2019

B 19/20 (2) 6

Claire Feehily presented the draft minutes from the Audit and Risk Committee, highlighting:

  • The NAO audit of 2018/19 Annual Report and Accounts had gone well.
  • With respect to the Committee’s deeper dive into aspects of IT-related risks, there had been a very good presentation from colleagues on a range of matters, especially the planned investment management system.
  • SFF Lessons Learned Report; the Committee commended this report that had been prepared to inform the Executive. The Committee recommended that it be shared more widely with Trustees in some form.

7. Annual Report and Accounts (NHMF and the National Lottery Heritage Fund)

B 19/20 (2) 7

The Board noted the annual report and accounts for NHMF and the National Lottery Heritage Fund and approved them.

The Board offered their thanks to all staff involved in the production of the annual reports and accounts, both the technical and presentational elements.

Trustees also noted that there had been 100% attendance from all Board members during the 2017/18 financial year as well as a wider discussion on how the annual report may be used to help promote our brand going forward. The Executive highlighted that the Annual Report and Accounts must adhere to disclosure rules set etc. and agreed to explore the possibility an Annual Review in the future, which would allow scope for marketing The Fund.

8. Minutes of the Chairs of Country and Area Committees meeting on 21 May 2019

B 19/20 (2) 8

The minutes were noted.

9. Country and Area Committee decisions and feedback


Eilish McGuinness updated the Board on the Committee meetings that took place in June 2019, the first under the new structure and our Strategic Funding Framework. All meetings had been run to usual standard and staff were thanked for their hard work to achieve this, considering most meetings were held offsite and the transference of Secretariat functions from the central Governance team to the Business Support Managers for each Country and Area.  The teams had been supported by the previous Secretariat team with help with minutes and recording of decisions.

Committees had the following information to help aid their decision making; overview papers similar to those provided to the Board in the past, training on the new Strategic Funding Framework, and budget papers, which reminded the Committees that on the budget for delivery round awards over the next two years was 80% of development grant awards.. However, it was emphasised that decisions were still primarily to be based on quality and that as the target was over two years it would not be sensible to reject high quality projects for the sake of meeting a target. It was agreed that the Committees required good budgetary and pipeline information.  In addition, it was clear that Committees needed further guidance on handling fast track acquisitions, and this would be developed internally and cascaded to Committees.

The Chair then invited each Trustee representative to feed back on their experience of the meetings. They were unanimous in their agreement that the meetings were a success and that good decisions were made by each Committee. Areas of suggested improvement were:

  • More guidance on how the Committees were expected to achieve the 80% budget over the next two years on delivery round projects.
  • Greater analysis of decisions to be presented to the Board in the future to allow for the monitoring of awards across the four nations and different heritage sectors.
  • Committee members need to be provided with greater context in terms of lottery income and corporate decisions to allow them to make more informed decisions.
  • Greater emphasis on strategic goals at both a regional and national level.
  • More consideration given to ensure communication between the Board and Committees to ensure the fluid exchange of information.

Trustees extended thanks to all staff and Committee members for the hard work, effort, and skill that they had put in to their decision making.  A formal review point and paper would be discussed at the September meeting.

10. SFF Implementation: Capacity building, resilience, and enterprise development: heritage campaign 2019-2021

B 19/20 (2) 10

Anne Young presented a discussion paper and sought input from the Board on the planned capacity, resilience, and enterprise development campaign. The campaign would initially run for two years and will focus on developing entrepreneurial skills within the heritage sector to ensure long term survival of businesses.

Trustees were pleased with the progress of the campaign’s development and considered:

  • That it had a well-paced implementation period and made the most of a limited resource.
  • It would encourage the Fund to engage with partners not classically associated with in the heritage sector, such as social enterprises.
  • This was an important and timely campaign in light of reduced funding available from local authorities.
  • This would be a step change in the way the organisation thinks about resilience and would encourage grantees to think about resilience in a new way; what we have been doing up until now has not solved the issue.
  • The campaign would encourage organisations to think of entrepreneurial skills as core to their business, not just a bolt-on.
  • In order to effectively deliver and continually evaluate the campaign The Fund may have to invest in skills internally.
  • That it may be worth considering combining this campaign with the digital campaign; the two are closely connected and would be more economical. Whilst this wasn’t the current plan the suggestion was noted as an option following the initial two year commitment.
  • Although this would encourage organisations to think more broadly and innovatively about resilience there was still a place for The Fund’s ‘classic’ resilience funding, and this should not be offered in place of that.

Trustees thanked Anne for her update and looked forward to further detail at a later meeting.

11. Reflection and Conclusion of International Speakers at May Board


Anne Young updated Trustees on the work taking place regarding The Fund’s engagement with international working. Whilst this had not been identified as a campaign in our SFF this could be a possible avenue to progress the work, Anne would update the Board in due course. Trustees were pleased with the work to date and looked forward to future proposals.

12. Governance Review update


Campbell Tickell updated the Board on the current progress of the Governance Review and identified some of the key findings so far. Trustees were reminded that they would have an opportunity to discuss these points in depth at the July Board meeting alongside Campbell Tickell’s final report, which would include all recommendations.

Memorial Fund

13. NHMF Report

B 19/20 (2) 13

The Board were updated on a pre-application they had received from the National Gallery regarding the acquisition of The Finding of Moses painting. This was likely to be a request for between £2-2.5 million and as a result Trustees would have to dip into the endowment in order to fund the acquisition; Trustees were reassured that the endowment was at a healthy level. The NHMF Panel were unanimous in their support of the project and its importance to the UK’s heritage. It was likely the decision would be brought to the Board during the winter.


15. Papers of the Villiers Family, Earls or Clarendon, 17th-20thC

B 19/20 (2) 15

Applicant: Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

Request: Award Grant of £325,000 (58%)

Project: The papers, which span from the 17th to the 20th centuries, would complement the library’s ownership of the archive of the 4th Earl of Clarendon purchased in 2012. The papers included proposals, accounts of enslavement and coded messages.

The NHMF Panel were supportive of a full application and would welcome further information on fundraising.

The Board AWARDED a grant of £325,000 (58%).


17. Photograph of Isambard Kingdom Brunel by the Launching Chains of SS Great Eastern (1857);

B 19/20 (2) 17

Applicant: Brunel Museum

Request: Award Grant of £20,000 (50%)

Project: The Brunel Museum is requesting a grant towards the purchase of albumen print of Isambard Kingdom Brunel taken in 1857. The print was made from the original glass negative and shows the iconic portrait of Brunel by the launching chains of the SS Great Eastern.

The NHMF Panel recommended the project to the Board as a HIGH priority for support.

The Board AWARDED a grant of £20,000 (50%).

For Information

18. Schedule of Committee Decisions


The Chair highlighted the importance of reviewing this paper going forward as this is where the Schedule of Decisions for Committees and delegated decisions would be shared.

19. Any other business


There was none.

The next meeting will be held on 23 July 2019