20 years in 12 places

We commissioned research company BritainThinks to carry out research in 12 locations across the UK. They undertook both surveys and workshops, to find out what people now think about heritage and the local projects HLF has supported. In all we heard from over 4,000 people.

Key findings

  • 93% see heritage as important to ‘the country’

  • 81% see heritage as important to ‘me personally’

  • 80% say local heritage makes their area a better place to live

  • 64% think local heritage has got better while they have lived in the area

  • 76% of Lottery players rate the HLF-funded projects in their area as good or excellent value for money

People see heritage: delivering benefits that relate directly to their quality of life; bringing economic benefits like tourism and creating good jobs; making paces more visually attractive; providing family leisure opportunities; helping people to understand where they come from, instilling local pride and encouraging social cohesion.

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