Philip Rothwell

Philip Rothwell
Committee Member for England, Midlands & East
Phil has worked in nature conservation and the environment for 40 years.

He has held roles with the Nature Conservancy Council, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and with the Environment Agency. 

He worked initially as a field botanist but then moved to environmental politics and policy.

Phil left the Environment Agency in 2013 and since then has worked with the Conservation Volunteers as policy director and latterly as a consultant working on flood and environmental policy across the UK. 

He is currently chair of the Environment Agency/Defra Regional Flood and Coastal Committee for Northumbria.

Other past roles have included chair of the trustees of the Fairyland Trust, a Norfolk-based charity set up to help children appreciate folklore and wildlife.

Phil continues to maintain his wildlife knowledge and interest in the countryside near his home in Cambridgeshire. He is actively involved in his local community including the development of the local neighbourhood plan and the protection of the Great Ouse Valley as a trustee of a local charity.

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