Philip Rothwell

Philip Rothwell
Committee Member for England, Midlands & East
Phil has worked on environmental issues for over 30 years in statutory and charity sectors across Europe.

His career has taken him from urban environment management following the Toxteth riots to Scottish Royal Deeside and the management of the Cairngorms. For 14 years he worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in the UK and with partners across Europe on a range of environmental campaigns including the future of the Common Agricultural Policy and Water Framework Directive.

From 2003 to 2013 Phil led the Environment Agency team developing flood and coastal erosion risk policy across England and Wales and was responsible for the production of the first Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Strategy for England in 2011. He has given evidence to numerous parliamentary enquiries, sat on Defra’s Flood Management Board and frequently represented the Environment Agency (EA) on flood and coastal issues in the media. Phil left the EA in 2013 and since then has worked with the Conservation Volunteers as Policy Director and is now a consultant working on flood and environmental policy across the UK with the Wildlife Trusts and other organisations. He is Chair of the Northumbria Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, a Defra appointment providing governance for the EA Flood and Coastal Erosion risk management functions and all flood risks that are not the responsibility of the water companies.

Other past roles have included Chair of the Trustees of the Fairyland Trust, a Norfolk-based charity set up to help children appreciate folklore and wildlife. He continues to maintain his wildlife knowledge and interest in the countryside near his home in Cambridgeshire and is actively involved in his local community including the development of the local neighbourhood plan.