The Three Bears"and other English Tales"

An illustration by Walter Crane for the story of Puss in Boots
An illustration by Walter Crane for the story of Puss in Boots

Heritage Grants

The Street Life Foundation CIC
Young people from refugee communities discover the pastimes of Victorian children through nursery rhymes brought to life by Walter Crane

The Street Life Foundation delivers creative learning for a diverse range of young people from marginalised, disadvantaged or minority communities. Its projects aim to raise the aspirations and opportunities of Liverpool’s inner city young people.

This project will work with up to 40 young people from refugee communities to help them discover and explore the creative works of Liverpool-born Walter Crane, the pre-Raphaelite English artist and book illustrator considered to be the most influential children’s book creator of his generation.

The children will also explore the pastimes of Liverpool’s Victorian children who would have been very familiar with the nursery rhymes brought to life in Crane's books.

Many of the children belong to communities who may have fled war and persecution. This project provides a uniquely creative approach to helping children to integrate whilst creating a local renaissance of this unique heritage.

Through workshops and visits to local heritage organisations, they will explore collections and share their discoveries by developing drama sketches enacting the nursery rhymes; an exhibition celebrating the work of Crane; and their own artwork for an illustrated booklet of their favourite tales which will be distributed to libraries, primary schools and community groups.

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