Stories from Indian Mythology - The Defeat of Narakasur

A depiction of the Defeat of Narakasur

Heritage Grants

Indian Association Manchester
Stories from Indian Mythology worked with local school children to create a lantern procession to share the historic Hindu story of The Defeat of Narkasur.

The volunteers of the Indian Association Manchester (IAM) have spent over 100 years bringing communities together through education and cultural workshops. The project, Stories from Indian Mythology focused on The Defeat of Narkasur’, the tale of a Hindu hero Krishna who rode a giant eagle to rescue prisoners from the demon Narkasur. Usually remembered on the second day of the October Diwali festival, this cultural heritage was at risk of being gradually forgotten unless it was passed on to the next generation.

146 school children took part in lantern workshops, as well as six volunteers who worked with local artists and elders to create huge effigies of the story’s characters. These were seen by over 7000 people as they were paraded through Manchester as part of the ‘Dashehra Diwali Mela.’ The procession was filmed and information leaflets distributed to all participants, helping those from all cultural background learn about this rich heritage.

Rajyashree Dutta, President of the IAM, explained: "The project reminded people of Indian origin of their culture and gave them a sense of belonging through sharing their heritage with members of the diverse communities of Greater Manchester. The project was inclusive and participants from different cultural backgrounds learned new skills, team-working and gained confidence."

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