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Handmade gold jewellery with red and green gemstones displayed on an intricately carved stand
Handmade gold jewellery with red and green gemstones Kat Gollock

Heritage Grants

Edinburgh, Scotland
National Museums Scotland
National Museums Scotland worked with the Glasgow Gurdwara and Sikh Sanjog to explore Sikh heritage through the history of the boy Maharaja.

This youth-led project explored the life of the Maharaja Duleep Singh - a child Maharaja who was exiled to Perthshire, Scotland aged 15. He is considered to have been the first Sikh in Scotland. This story is well-known among Sikhs in Scotland; the project allowed young Sikhs to explore the history of Duleep Singh, and consider how his legacy has impacted Scotland today.

The project involved contemporary artists, The Singh Twins, running a range of workshop sessions. Young participants worked with experts to create jewellery and portrait photographs which were showcased at an exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland and later at the Tramway. The project also produced four short films, including Young, Scottish and Sikh which featured young Sikh people exploring what it means to be a Sikh in Scotland.

To celebrate the end of the project, participants organised an event at the National Museum of Scotland where guests were are able to watch the short film and view the exhibition.

Learn more about the project and watch the short films on the National Museums Scotland website.