Keeping History Afloat - Traditional Boat-Building Skills for the Future

Trainees at work at the boatyard
Trainees at work at the boatyard

Heritage Grants

Canal & River Trust
HLF awarded the National Waterways Museum a grant to launch a training programme, based at the Heritage Boatyard.

The Heritage Boatyard is a partnership that has been set up to conserve the historic boat fleet at the National Waterways Museum and to teach young people boat building skills. Volunteers and young trainees work alongside each other on a wide range of boats, all originally used on Britain's canals and inland waterways.

The funding is to further the work at the Heritage Boatyard, training more people in the necessary heritage skills so they can help conserving the historic collection.

The project provided three 18-month training placements for the following individuals, who were on site at the Heritage Boatyard since March 2011 to learn about the practicalities and ethics of historic vessel conservation.

Find out more on the Ship Shape Network website.

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