Keeping Fleetwood's History Alive in the Community's Museum

Heritage Grants

FLEETWOOD, Lancashire, North West
Fleetwood Museum Trust

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Inside view of the Narberth Museum
Narberth Museum continues to inspire

Keeping the Local Heritage Bonds Alive

With help from HLF, a group of local volunteers helped restore the town’s ‘Bonded Store’. This ws a once closed-off building within Narberth; locked to the local community and a former store of kegs full of duty-free whisky, brandy and rum, only accessible with the opening of double locks on the

Lottery funding bringing Brymbo’s history alive

Over 3,000 photos and other material will also be digitised as part of the long term project along with the creation of a website and learning materials for local schools, colleges and universities. Brymbo Ironworks is the sole remaining complete physical monument to the notable industrialist John