How to consider environmental sustainability in your heritage project

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Climate change is already impacting our society, our natural environment and our heritage.

We want all the projects we fund to reduce the effects of climate change, assist places and people to adapt to our changing planet, and to support nature’s recovery across the UK.

We expect them all to have a positive impact on our environment and we factor a project’s environmental impact into our decision making.  

We expect to see environmental sustainability embedded into applicants' decision making.

This applies to all projects – whether our funding is supporting an entire landscape, regeneration of a local park, a museum refurbishment or bringing a community together.


What we expect from projects

To reach our environmental sustainability requirement, we expect all projects we fund to:  

  • limit any potential damage to the environment  
  • make a positive impact on the environment and particularly for nature  

Including environmental sustainability within your project right from the beginning will mean your project is likely to be more resilient, financially sustainable and have multiple benefits for people and the community.  

We expect to see environmental sustainability embedded into applicants' decision making. You should also think about how to measure your environmental sustainability and ensure that this is part of your evaluation strategy.

Essential links

Our environmental sustainability requirement.

Read our in-depth good practice guidance

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