Discovering Lives, the volunteer nurses at Gwy House Red Cross Hospital Chepstow and their patients

Heritage Grants

Monmouthshire County Council

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A group of convalescents in 1925

Discovering Cefn Ila’s habitats, hospitals and history

A new generation of local people and visitors alike will now have the opportunity to discover the built, natural and social heritage of one of Usk’s best kept secrets; Cefn Ila. The grant has been awarded to Coed Cadw - The Woodland Trust in Wales, and will enable them to restore built elements of
Two young men

Changing lives: volunteering helps Ben turn away from trouble

The youth club at the Galley Centre offered the young people of Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, a reason to keep off the streets and out of trouble. But when bored teenagers, including some of 17-year-old Ben's friends, vandalised the centre, the youth club was closed down. It left them with nothing to do