Citizens of a Common Future: forward steps for the George Padmore Institute (GPI)

Heritage Grants

Haringey, London
George Padmore Institute

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Beamish Museum looking forward to the 1950s

Over the next five years the popular Living Museum that tells the story of everyday working life will be transformed, creating new ways for people to enjoy the heritage of the North East. The centrepiece will be a ‘new’ 1950s Town and Farm, filled with objects and buildings donated by local people

Funding for our charity - The Power Foundation For Young People

Hi We launched our new charity a few months ago called The Power Foundation For Young People which is all about helping yound disadvatage young people in a few ways. First finacialy, if they are interested in a performing arts cousres and have been offered a place, Secondly, running workshops using

It’s GO for the FLOWS!

A £9.6million pound project that will make one of the most significant contributions to the UK’s climate change targets has today been given full grant approval of more than £4million from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Flow to the Future project, co-ordinated by the Peatlands Partnership, is a