Run your project

Before your project starts

1. We will notify you of the decision about your award

We will contact you to let you know that your application has been successful. We'll do this as soon as we can after a decision has been made.

If your application has been unsuccessful, this is what happens next:

  • for grants of under £100,000 you will receive a letter detailing our decision. We will try to give a clear indication of whether you should try to strengthen your application and reapply.
  • for grants of over £100,000 you will receive a phone call setting out reasons and advising on appropriate next steps.

2. You will receive a letter to confirm your grant

This letter will guide you through the different stages in the funding process. From how your grant will be paid, to what to do when your project ends. We'll send this letter within a week after a decision has been made.

The letter contains:

  • our grant conditions to explain what we expect of you
  • receiving a Grant guidance document to explain what you need to do next

3. Complete Permission to Start

You cannot start your project before this step is complete. You need to complete the Permission to Start form online and send a signed copy to us, either via the portal, email or post. It must be signed by two people who can sign documents on behalf of your organisation, and include the relevant supporting documents listed below.

Documents you’ll need to send us with the Permission to Start form include:

  • match-funding evidence a letter from organisations providing financial support
  • details of your organisation’s bank account a copy of a bank statement, a cheque or a paying-in slip

4. Agree a reporting schedule

We will do this in person or on the phone. We will agree a timetable for reporting the progress of your project and grant payment requests.

  • For grants of under £10,000 once the project is over, you’ll send us an end of grant report. Refer to Receiving a Grant guidance for further details.
  • For grants of £10,000 to £100,000 you will need to send us a progress report and payment request halfway through your project to receive the second payment of your grant, equivalent to 40% of your total grant amount. At the end of your project, you’ll need to send us a completion report and payment request for the final 10%. See the Receiving a Grant guidance for details.
  • For grants over £100,000 your timetable for reporting will be set by us based on your needs. This will most likely be on a quarterly basis. We’ll also agree a schedule of meetings to support you throughout delivery of your project. Refer to Receiving a Grant guidance for details.

Once your funded project is up and running

5. Tell us how you spent your grant

  • For grants up to £100,000 refer to Receiving a Grant guidance for details
  • Grants of £100,000 and over are paid in arrears this means you need to provide proof of what you’ve spent on the project in order to receive funds

6. Send us progress reports

Timings of when to send these reports will be based on the schedule agreed before your project started. Check the Receiving a Grant guidance for details relevant to your grant.

When your funded project has ended

7. Provide a completion report and an evaluation report

After your project is complete, send us these to mark the end of your project.

If your grant is over £10,000, we will not be able to release the final 10% of the funds until we receive these reports.

The Completion report can be found on the application portal. The evaluation report is a report you write yourself.

For more details please read our Receiving a Grant guidance. We also send the guidance to you with a letter confirming your grant.


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