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Run your project

Run your project

Congratulations on receiving your funding!
Now your project really gets underway, or you’ll be developing your proposals further. Whatever stage you are at, we are here to help along the way.

1. Receive a grant-notification letter

This confirms your funding and includes our grant conditions.

2. Read the 'Receiving a Grant' guidance

This will help you to successfully manage your project and answer any queries you may have. This will be provided with your letter.

3. Have a start-up discussion with us (grants over £250,000 only)

This will be in person or on the phone, and we’ll agree a timetable for progress reporting and grant payment requests with you.

Whatever stage you are at, we are here to help along the way...

4. Request permission to start

However keen you are to get going, you need formal permission from your grants officer before you start any work on your project

5. Request payment of part or all of your grant

This depends on your size of your grant. We have to account for how National Lottery players' money is spent, so we may ask for invoices depending on the size of your grant.

6. Send us progress reports

Your grants officer will let you know how often these should be submitted.

7. Provide a completion and evaluation report after the end of your project

Depending on the level of your grant award, we won't be able to release the final part of your grant without this. It's also a great way to show how successful your project was and how it met the outcomes it set out to achieve.