Our new investment management service

The way you apply for and manage funding for your project has changed.

We have introduced a new service that is clearer and simpler to use.

Page updated: 1 October 2021

Our application portal has been replaced by a new and improved service. Work to move projects across to this service is continuing into autumn 2021.

Up-to-date technology and streamlined design make it simpler to apply for and manage funding. It also supports our staff to provide a better service to applicants and the heritage organisations we fund.

Our fundamental grant-giving process remains the same.

A better experience

Benefits of the new service include:

  • clear information and easy-to-follow actions
  • mobile and tablet-friendly technology
  • faster page load times
  • accessible and consistent design 
  • a smoother application process, only asking for the information we need
  • hints and guidance incorporated on the application form
  • an improvement to the way we gather equality monitoring data, so we are better able to manage and track the diversity of our grant giving

New applications

Our new service, 'Get funding for a heritage project', has replaced the old application portal for all new applications. 

Applications and projects in progress

If you have an active project with us, and managing it through the outgoing portal, we will be in touch to tell you when your information will be migrated to the new service, when you can start using it, and whether you need to take any other action.

If you have an active project with us, and managing it through the new portal, you have no further action and should continue to manage your project here.

In the middle of an application?

If you're partway through filling out – but have not yet submitted – an application in the old portal, when you move over to the new service you'll need to re-enter the information. You'll have read-only access to your unsubmitted application on the portal. No information will be lost while you transfer.

Past projects

If your project has completed and you still have information on the old application portal, you will not be able to access it after we retire that system in late autumn 2021.

If you want to keep your information, please save a copy elsewhere as soon as possible.

Keeping your data safe

The privacy and security of the personal information you provide is extremely important to us and we will only ask for information we need and will use. See our privacy policy for more details.

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