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How to apply

How to apply

Our National Lottery Grants for Heritage start at £3,000. To complete a project enquiry form/expression of interest and apply for a grant, you need to create an account on our application portal.

Applications between £10,000-£250,000

If you are applying for £10,000-£250,000, you can send us a project enquiry form before you apply to receive free advice to help you develop your idea.

Our application process is competitive and we cannot fund every good quality application that we receive.

Applications over £250,000

Expression of Interest

We ask all applicants for a grant above £250,000 to complete a short Expression of Interest (EOI) form.

This enables applicants to:

  • keep the work that goes into applications at a manageable level
  • keep competition at manageable levels at the first application round
  • give you the best chance possible

How do EOIs work?

  • We will use the information you provide to decide whether or not to invite you to submit a first round application
  • An invitation to apply does not guarantee a grant from us in the future but does indicate that we see potential in your initial proposals
  • We aim to respond to your EOI within 20 working days of receipt
  • If we decide to invite you to apply, we will contact you to discuss next steps. If we are not inviting you to apply we will explain our reason

Our application process is competitive and we cannot fund every good quality application that we receive.

Application phases

  1. Your project proposal will include a development phase and a delivery phase

  2. When you submit your delivery phase application, you will have a better understanding of the costs, resources, timeline and the needs of your audiences

  3. You will decide how long you need to develop your delivery proposals. You may take up to two years, depending on the complexity of your project

  4. Once you have submitted your application form it is not possible for us to return this to you for further work. Make sure that you are happy with your answers before you submit either your forms to us!

  5. Your application will be in competition with other projects at the development and delivery phase. A development phase grant award does not guarantee that you will receive a delivery phase grant award

Urgent decisions

In exceptional circumstances, we may consider a fast-track application process. An example of this is if you have an opportunity to buy a heritage item at an auction but need to move quickly.

If you think this applies to your project, you should submit an EOI and we will discuss this with you.