Heritage resilience and recovery funding

Heritage resilience and recovery funding

We are committed to supporting the UK’s heritage to adapt and thrive, and making heritage organisations more resilient through our National Lottery Grants for Heritage.

For over two years we have, collectively, been battling unprecedented challenges brought by the pandemic. We are still dealing with the longer term effects, compounded by the economic and environmental crises.

We've listened to what you've told us and have been as flexible as we can with requested changes to project scope or cost. And our network of support consultants has provided invaluable advice and mentorship to projects across the UK.

We want to ensure organisations small and large can continue to protect and preserve our past for future generations.

From building capacity to fundraise and attracting new audiences, to reviewing governance structures and creating networks to share knowledge and resources – funding to support you to adapt and make your organisation more resilient is available through our National Lottery Grants for Heritage.

Small and medium grants

Our funding is flexible and responsive to what your organisation needs to move forward successfully and sustainably. We can support organisations, partnerships or consortia with responsibility for heritage to:

  • review your business and operating model and create new plans
  • conduct audience and customer research and identify opportunities for growth
  • trial new approaches to fundraising or trading, or explore alternative income streams such as social investment
  • conduct governance reviews and skills audits and implement changes
  • explore opportunities to reduce negative environmental impacts and make efficiency savings
  • back-fill staff posts, freeing up their time to work on activities critical to organisational development, including networking and mentoring activity
  • train staff, volunteers and trustees to support your organisation’s development
  • undertake early-stage planning for new large-scale projects, including testing strategic options and securing expert advice
  • conduct feasibility studies to manage risk and understand long-term financial sustainability if you are considering taking on a new asset
  • explore options for winding down or merging with another organisation, including passing on responsibility for a heritage asset
  • create networks or partnerships to explore common challenges and develop strategic plans to care for shared heritage

Large grants

Capacity building activity should be part of all large grant project plans, including at development stage.

When planning your project, consider:

  • undertaking a governance review and skills audit to ensure you are in the best position to deliver your proposed project
  • the training and development needs of your staff and volunteers, identifying gaps and plans for knowledge sharing
  • refreshing your business plan and/or strategy
  • challenging the strength of your financial management systems
  • your capacity to fundraise and attract new sources of income

Long-term benefit

Making changes to your organisation and the way you work takes time. You may not see its benefits immediately. We want to see the impact of our investment continue to benefit people and communities in the long term. Your application should consider how those benefits can be sustained and how the work you conduct will be adopted by your organisation.

Find out more about organisation resilience in our good practice guidance.