Winding down the Online Community

We've taken the decision to begin winding down the Online Community.

Over the past 12 months, activity and engagement has dropped off dramatically, and we don't feel it's serving a clear benefit to you or us anymore.

But before we do anything, we wanted to give everyone who is still visiting and using the OC the chance to share your thoughts with us. We're keen to ensure we don't lose any of the information that you have found useful over the years.

We are planning to repurpose the most popular discussions into other 'advice' content on the website, and we'll share the link to a central hub of this content as soon as we have it.

To help us determine what information and advice to keep, please do share with us in the comments any discussions that you have found particularly helpful and/or that you've returned to multiple times.

On the other hand, if there's information that you looked for but couldn't find, and think others would find useful too, please let us know that as well.

Now, and in the future, if you have any specific questions about applying for funding or running your project, please contact us via our central email address: or get in touch with your local office.

You can also sign up to our newsletter to receive regular instalments of our top heritage news and stories.


Thank you to everyone who has started a discussion, joined in a conversation, and shared your valuable experience over the years - we as an organisation, and I'm sure all users, are grateful for everyone's contributions.