Useful fundraising resources

One of the best things about having this online community is that we have the ability to quickly and easily share resources with one another: tools that you have used to help plan projects, websites you visit regularly to keep up-to-date, good practice guidance, and so on.

I've started this discussion thread as a place to collate all sorts of useful resources that will help others when planning, delivering and evaluating a fundraising or capacity building project, so please add any useful resources that you have, and I'll post more as and when I come across them. You can upload presentations, photos and videos - simply log in or register to add these below.

To kick us off, here are a few examples:

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Here are a few more resources which some might find helpful:

- The Institute of Fundraising have created  a series of 'Five Minute Fundraiser' videos to give a snapshot of the key principles of successful fundraising.

- The Association of Independent Museums have published a series of 'Success Guides' including  one on Successful Fundraising at Museums (please note this link will open a PDF).

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The Directory of Social Change has an easy to use list of fundraising tips covering various topics on their website here.


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For those of you who use Twitter tonight's @MuseumHour conversation is about Sponsorship.  It's starting now - 8-9pm.

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Did anyone else join in Monday's @Museum Hour? I saw you pop up in the stream of tweets, Robyn.

For those who didn't catch it, there was a lot of talk about whether the benefit of sponsorship money from big companies (particularly oil/fossil fuels) is outweighed by potential reputation damage. Of course, this is probably really only applicable to the biggest institutions...

But one point that came up several times, which I think is relevant to all sizes of organisation looking for funding and sponsorship, was:

  • "For local museums, local companies that trade on local roots are a good place to start"  — Lucy Marder (@MDO_Hamp_Solent) 
  • "Important to look at sponsorship within your local community, esp. for small museums - can create fruitful partnerships" — Joanna Munholland (@jrmunholland) 
  • "To get corporates to sponsor, museums should start with small scale stuff to build reputation & trust before moving to bigger" — Mohammed Suleman. (@MoSulemanFCCA)

Anyone else got any other suggestions to add, or experience to share of securing sponsorship from local companies?


PS: the topic of next @MuseumHour on 15 June is workforce development

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For anyone who might find it useful I wanted to share a link to the Heritage Funding Directory, managed by The Heritage Alliance. The directory houses information on potential sources of support (financial and otherwise) for projects relating to UK heritage.



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Today we held a live chat about fundraising in our general discussions community. Mark Webb, Project Manager of the Giving to Heritage programme, Alison Nicholson, Digital Communications & Fundraising Officer at The Bowes Museum and Alice Casey, Senior Development Manager at NESTA joined us to answer questions and share their fundraising knowledge.

Have a look at the chat here, and please do share your own comments, tips, ideas, or ask further questions:


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Hello! My name is Claire and I am the digital assistant for BRICK, The Prince's Regeneration Trust's Education programme for community groups working on heritage projects. We've been hosting workshops around the country and we upload all our resources online.

Click here to find our fundraising resources:

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Hi Claire

Thanks for adding in the link, that's really useful.


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The link to nfpSynergy's website was passed on to me today which I wanted to share. There are lots of interesting looking pieces of research and resources.