Tips on linking to websites and documents

Copying and pasting a URL to a website or specific web page will create a link on your post when it is published, but it's better (and looks much neater) to hyperlink a word or words, rather than pasting the full URL.

Here's how to do this:

  1. Highlight the words you want to make clickable;
  2. Click the 'Link' button in the text editor above the text box (it looks a little like a paperclip). This will open up a small pop up window;
  3. Type or paste your chosen URL into the URL field;
  4. It’s advisable that you also click on the ‘Target’ tab and select the ‘New Window (_blank) option as this means that if someone clicks on your link, it will open in a new browser window or tab, therefore not taking them away from the site.

You may find it useful to note down your URLs before you start writing your post or reply, particularly if you are linking to another page within the online community.

If you want to link to a document (for example, a PDF that lives on another website), it’s always best to link to the page rather than the document itself. This means that people have the option to download the document rather than it downloading automatically (this can sometimes be an issue for people using a mobile or tablet). It also helps to prevent your link breaking if the document is overwritten with a new version at a later date.

If anyone has any questions about hyperlinking on the community, please let me know below!