Reducing negative environmental impacts

Last September has seen the completion of the capital works for The Royal Parks’ Isabella Plantation Access Project, Richmond Park, London. Some interesting proposals to think about. Off grid solutions have been provided for heat and power. An LPG generator charges a large bank of batteries which provides the power for lighting and the control system for a biomass log fuel boiler. The biomass boiler heats hot water for the sinks within the disabled cubicles and the building’s radiators. Logs cut as a result of tree work carried out within the Plantation and Park will provide the fuel for this boiler. A highly efficient block work structure behind the oak cladding provides the main source of insulation for the building. The toilets are not connected to mains sewage and have been designed as a low water, no flush system. Waste is collected in large 6000 litre tanks below ground which serve each individual toilet pedestal. Odours are managed by the use of fans to create a positive flow of air through flues and filters, preventing smells leaking out of the pedestal openings. The reduction in the amount of water flowing into these tanks from taps and flushing, reduces the volume of waste and the frequency of tank emptying, thus making this system a low cost and low carbon alternative to conventional cesspit tanked toilet systems.