Producing a book

Hi everyone,

I am British born Chinese and wish to produce a book about Liverpool Chinatown, past and present. I have a pretty large collection of photographs taken around Chinatown over the last 30 years ago which I wish to include in the book plus research into Chinatown's past.

I would try to involve the Chinese community and give back copies of my book to them.

Am I allowed to do this as a freelance photographer ? There a are rules about non profit organisations only which I don't competely understand.



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Hi Pak,

We usually fund not for profit groups. These are a group of people who have a shared bank account for their group and also a constitution, which is a document which says what the group is for, what it can do and what would happen to any money in their account if they closed (they would give it to a similar group to carry on good work rather than give it to all the members.) If your main aim is to involve a wide range of people then setting up a group might be a good idea. You can find more details with your local CVS

In rarer cases we can also fund individual private owners of heritage. As a freelance photographer you could apply as an individual if you can show that there will be a step-change in terms of public access and public engagement with heritage, there is clear public enthusiasm and support for the project and there is a clear need for Lottery investment.

We would expect majority of books to be free or at cost so you as a freelancer are not making a profit.

It is particularly important to think though any copyright. We expect anything we fund to be free of charge for non-commercial uses for 10 years from project completion and licensed for use by others under the Creative Commons licence ‘Attribution Non-commercial’ (CC BY-NC) for 10 years

If you are thinking of a project costing £10,000- £100,000 more I would recommend sending in a project enquiry for the our heritage programme so our local team can give you some more specific feedback on your ideas: We do not currently offer grants of beneath £10,000 or over £100,000 to private owners but you can check back in with us late January when our new funding programmes are launched.