Post your employment, training and volunteer opportunities here

Every year HLF funds thousands of projects around the country. Invariably, these projects generate lots of employment, training and volunteer opportunities. One of the questions we get asked a lot is: how can I find out about jobs/training/volunteering opportunities created by HLF-supported projects? And until now, there hasn’t been a simple answer.

So, we’ve created this forum thread to enable those running HLF-supported projects to add details of their opportunities in one place.

Please keep your posts brief, but make sure you include vital information such as the type of position, the location, and what your project is about, and then link through to another site where potential applicants can find more information (don’t post full job descriptions here). Also, please include a closing date, so everyone knows when the application period has passed.

We look forward to hearing about enthusiastic heritage lovers being matched with exciting heritage projects.