Over URC, Winsford - Before and After Photos

Hello Everyone,

At Over URC we've been on the HLF Grant/repairs process for just over two years and a few weeks ago the scaffolding came down to reveal the repaired and refurbished roof. Apart from the Welsh slate tiles (which are still in relatively good condition) virtually everything else including and above gutter level has been overhauled.

I'm attaching three photos to give you a flavour of the extent of the work which should be viewed to gether with the short commentary below for each image.

Should anyone want any further information about our scheme, please get in touch.

Brian Dunning, Project Manager.

Front Comparison

In the 2016 image (viewed at 100%) a crack can clearly be seen running top to bottom through the apex stone which necessitated its renewal. All the finials have been replaced with new, as appropriate, parapets lifted and re-bedded and almost all of the brickwork in these images has been re-pointed and red bricks replaced as necessary. Finally, the wrought iron cross has been refurbished and re-bedded.


Roof Detail

Apart from the slate roof tiles, virtually everything else in the original image has been overhauled as follows:

New ridge tiles (where necessary) manufactured to match existing,

Ridge ventilator re-made in oak,

Roof ventilators ditto,

Parapets lifted and re-bedded,

Finials manufactured (where necessary) and refitted under tension,

Defective red bricks cut out and replaced,

New flashing,

Brickwork re-pointed,

Rain water goods overhauled and painted in the original colour of 1867, and

Wrought iron cross refurbished.

Chimney Comparison

In the 2016 image, the chimney is clearly leaning left to right. What the image doesn’t show is that the chimney was also leaning back (away from the gable end).

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Hi Brian,

These are great photos and really help illustrate the difference the project has made to the physical condition of the church - thanks for sharing!