LGBT heritage throughout the year

During LGBT History Month, as hundreds of events highlighting the significance of LGBT communities and heritage are taking place throughout the UK and internationally, we thought it'd be useful to share some learning from LGBT communities in making strong heritage actvities happen.

We're really keen to share tips in building networks and allies, supporting volunteer activity, and how to take the next steps.

As well as reflecting on what we know and have seen demonstrated that works, here at HLF we're keen to promote new approaches too.

With the 50th anniversary in 2017 of the Sexual Offences Act when male homosexual relationships were decriminalised in England and Wales, perhaps you have some project plans to share? Or ideas for LGBT projects you'd like to sound out with LGBT community colleagues or HLF staff?

Please do share your experience, ideas and ambition for LGBT heritage, as well as your questions and challenges.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Liz Ellis

Policy Advisor Communities and Diversity HLF

Submitted by JulieF (not verified) on Fri, 02/05/2016 - 16:15


In Wales we are running a HLF workshop especially for organisations developing LGBT heritage projects.  If you'd like to join us please get in touch. 



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Wolverhampton LGBT History Project is a project that recorded and preserved LGBT people's stories. This was a partnership between ourselves, Light House media Centre, Wolverhampton LGBT Network and Wolverhampton Archives. Gender Matters also contributed greatly to the project.

It was a wonderful project to be involved with. One of the key elements that we found to be crucial was connecting many of the LGBT groups to take part in and feedback to this project. This involved getting to know members from different groups, attending many wonderful events and doing all we could to ensure we'd found all the LGBT groups in the area.

Feedback was crucial at every stage of this project, in shaping it right from the start to final completion. Interestingly the project was initially called 'Wolverhampton In Love', however not long in to the project we received feedback from many sources that a more serious and all encompassing project name would be better, so we changed the name to 'Wolverhampton LGBT History'. This change has also meant that the project is easier to find online and on YouTube.

We found it very useful to keep in close touch with HLF throughout the project. This helped to keep the project on track and for us to stick to our aims and objectives. It helped to avoid any problems that might otherwise have arisen.

This is the YouTube channel with hundreds of film clips of interviews with LGBT people:

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In our new blog, Jude Woods, who coordinates the Queer Stories project in West Yorkshire, explained what heritage means to them, and how they were inspired to run their own LGBTQ-focussed heritage project. They also reveal some fascinating stories about the fight for equal rights in Leeds! 

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Here at Dig Media, we are working with an archive of material from significant videographer and artist Jack Henry Moore. From our time working with the archive, we have learnt a lot about Jack's personality and his personal experiences as a member of the LGBTQ community. We are excited to learn more as we uncover more of the archive, and teach hard-to-reach trainees and young adults skills in video production.

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In London and the South East, HLF is running a free event on funding for LGBT+ heritage projects. This will take place at the London Metropolitan Archives on 23 October.

The day will include:

  • tips and insights from existing HLF-funded LGBT+ projects, run by Duckie and Islington Council;
  • a behind the scenes tour of LMA’s archive rooms;
  • a workshop in which participants will have a go at using material from LMA’s LGBT+ collections to develop a story and learning activity;
  • an update from HLF on how to access support for funding applications;
  • a light lunch and refreshments;
  • an opportunity to see LMA’s current exhibition: Life on the London Stage ,a glimpse into the challenges and joys of theatrical life in London since the days of Elizabeth I!

It should be an exciting and informative day. There is a registration page on Eventbrite here, but if you would prefer to contact us directly about booking, please email the London Team's Development Manager, Selina Papa, at