International links : Refugees & foreign workers during WW1

I would be interested to hear from any projects covering these subjects.  Has anyone else linked to the Belgian virtual exhibition or had contact with Portugal?  Jonathan Leintwardien History Society.


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Hello and thank you for your post. I'd encourage those running a relevant First World War project to respond with any information and tips that they might have.

One project that I am aware of that involved refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow with uncovering the experience of Belgian refugees during the First World War is the 'Lest we Forget' project led by the Scottish Refugee Council. You can find out more about the project on the Scottish Refugee Council's website, and we will shortly be making a case study about the project available on our website.

During the First World War Centenary, we are encouraging applicants planning First World War projects to explore the lesser-known, hidden stories of the First World War such as the experience of refugees in Britain at the time. For an idea the breadth of projects that we have funded I'd encourage you to visit the 'Our Projects' page and choose 'First World War' under addition filters, or follow this link.

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Hi Jonathan!  Regarding the Portuguese participation in the First World War I would recommend contacting The Anglo-Portuguese Society, as I know they are keen to promote understanding of Portugal, its culture and history.

Also the World War One Engagement Centres may be able to support you with your project and suggest resources for exploring the topic you identify further.

Once you're a bit further along with your ideas, I'd recommend you submit an expression of interest to your local development team.