Highlights from our Resilience live chat

Yesterday we hosted a live chat about organisational resilience and our new Resilient Heritage funding programme.

This programme is available to organisations in the UK who want to build their capacity or achieve strategic change to improve the management of heritage. Grants can fund activities to help you acquire new skills or knowledge, or new models of governance, leadership and business to put your organisation in a better position for the future

If you would like to apply, find out more on the programme page.

It was a really lively and popular chat - here are some of the highlights:

“It is always good to take a step back and look at your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, very often we are all too busy to do this but support to plan in advance and look at your capacity to face challenges will prove beneficial in the long run, it should prove to be time well spent.”

Some of the challenges facing the heritage sector at the moment:

  • Austerity and reducing capacity in the public sector as well as increased competition for funding
  • Having effective governance and the skills across trustees, volunteers and staff
  • Skills, awareness and confidence around fundraising
  • Lots of work, not enough people

Some key success factors in undertaking a programme of organisational change:

  • Being able to adapt and learn as you go along
  • Ensuring the buy in of key/senior staff and also the governing body
  • Having a clear aim and vision - to know where you want to get to
  • HR expertise and knowledge of employment law
  • Having the right legal structures

Key points about Resilient Heritage:

  • Resilient Heritage will fund projects rather than on-going running costs. However the programme could fund a project to look at and implement strategic change within an organisation with the aim becoming more sustainable
  • Resilient Heritage is for all 'sizes' of organisation. It does incorporate what HLF previously funded under Start Up around new organisations, but can fund larger and more established organisations too
  • Projects at all levels will be expected to meet all three of the programme outcomes
  • Resilient Heritage funding can support 'umbrella'-style projects, for organisations to provide support to the wider sector
  • Resilient Heritage funding can be used to support projects that will look at organisations developing different strands of income generation activity

If you have any further questions or comments, please do ask/share below!