Heritage Staff JDs and salaries

I'm preparing the JDs for a 0.8 fte Historic Heritage Project Officer and a 0.6 fte Natural Heritage Project Officer, as well as a Community Engagement Officer (who'll lead on volunteers) .  It will be a 5 year Landscape Partnership Scheme.

If you have comparable roles in your project, past or recent, I'd be very grateful if you could send me a copy of the Job Description (s) (or whatever they are called in your organisation) .

I'd also be very grateful if you could let me know the approximate fte salary if that's not confidential. I'm concerned that the going rates here are too low to be nationally competitive but will need evidence for business case to advertise at a higher salary point. 

Finally I have some concerns about how big the recruitment pool will be for part time jobs - any advice or experience to share? We could probably compress the Historic role into a full time 4 year job for instance, with a bit of jiggling with the work programme, if that was necessary to get a really good PO.  

Thoughts please!  Thanks