Formal models for working in partnership

I work for a local authority.  One of our friends groups has been fantastically successful in raising funds for a project they would like to take forward on council owned land.  The Friends group is currently developing a lottery bid.  I am interested in any experience anyone can share of similar circumstances.  

It is envisaged that the Friends groups will be the applicant, but that purely for capacity reasons, any grant will come through the local authority's system.  Does this make the council the accountable body and the Friends group the lead partner?  Any thoughts gratefully received on this kind of partnership should be formalised.  We want to support and empower, but want to put in the best system of governance to ensure a successful outcome.  Thanks in advance.

If the money is being paid into the local authority bank account then they would need to be the lead applicant and the application would need to be in the local authority's name. You should provide a partnership agreement with the friends group outlining who is doing what and the skills and support each one will give the other. Every partnership is different so we don't have a set format we think is best. Your plan to empower and support the friends group definitely seems the right approach.