Exhibitions created or co-curated by young people

A few days ago, I saw a great exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, involving young people as artists and curators. It was part of Creative Connections, a four-year project (2012–2016) connecting young people (aged 14–16 years) with artists to create new responses to the Gallery’s collection. The young people are from schools across London and they work with portraits of people connected to their local area.

Each year, Creative Connections focuses on a different London borough and explores the portraits, personalities and achievements of inspirational people in the Gallery’ Collection who have an association with the borough. Looking East, West, North and South, the first year focused on Tower Hamlets; the second Ealing and this year the project explores Camden’s radical characters with Year 10 GCSE students from Haverstock School.

I enjoyed the little known facts about a range of interesting figures, and some lovely new photographic portraits created by the young people. Find out more here.

Has anyone got any more examples of exhibitions developed by young people?