Community Archaeology Resource Review - Can you help?

A challenge for you the HLF community.

In the UK, many volunteers and community groups undertake their own archaeological research and fieldwork this is especially true when invovled with HLF projects.

As part of the Our Past, Our Future Landscape Partnership Scheme supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the New Forest National Park Authority has commissioned Oxford Archaeology to review the guidance that people refer to when undertaking self-guided archaeological work. These ‘how to’ guides might be about identifying, researching and recording archaeological sites and finds and may be in the form of textbooks, digital or printed media. The key part of this review is 'easily accessible' guidance.

At this stage, we are looking to identify guidance materials produced for or used by volunteers and community groups. We are also interested in any reports which evaluate this guidance. Over the coming months, we will also be producing an online survey and running focus groups to find out what guides people currently refer to, where they access them and what they find useful.

The review is not about ranking or critiquing existing guidance but getting an understanding of what exists, what is accessible and what volunteers and community groups engage with. It is hoped that this review will be of interest to the wider archaeological sector and help to inform the creation of new resources in the future.

Please get in touch or join the conversation if you:

  • Have produced, used or evaluated any guidance materials you think should be included in this review. This can be done by email or completing this simple form.
  • Could circulate the online questionnaire to your contacts in community archaeology.
  • Are interested in our focus group methodology and would like to run your own focus groups with volunteers and community groups to find out about the guidance they use and find useful.
  • Want to know about the results of the study and our recommendations for creating future community archaeology resources.

The aim is to help ourselves in the New Forest ensure a legacy for our work with community groups and volunteers, but also help future HLF or any projects make informed decisions when considering the creating new guidance or adopting existing guidance with local case studies.