Wharton Park

Wharton Park

Wharton Park, Durham
Wharton Park, Durham

Heritage Grants

County Durham, North East
County Durham
Durham County Council
This ambitious project is designed to bring one of the North East’s oldest parks back to its former glory.

The scheme will transform Durham City’s historic Wharton Park and result in the creation of a number of jobs and apprenticeship opportunities.

The public was granted use of the park by WL Wharton in 1858 and it was the site of the first Durham Miners’ Gala in 1871. The park, which includes a play area, gardens, walks and other recreational activities, is in need of significant investment in order to improve its facilities and increase visitor numbers.

As part of the restoration project, a new heritage centre and café will be created, new play areas and outdoor fitness equipment will be installed and improvements to the park’s amphitheatre, miniature car track, footpaths, signs and main entrances will be carried out.

A programme of events and activities is planned and the scheme will also bring improvement to the management and maintenance of the park.

New jobs, including a park manager, café manager and assistants, will be created along with a number of apprenticeship opportunities.