Jacqueline Irwin

Jacqueline Irwin
Committee Member for Northern Ireland
Jacqueline Irwin is Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council.

The Northern Ireland Community Relations Council is the regional body for community relations within Northern Ireland. It is sponsored by The Executive Office to champion reconciliation and change towards a society based on fairness and the celebration of diversity and interdependence. The organisation delivers funding on behalf of The Executive Office. As Chief Executive, Jacqueline has also worked with the International Fund for Ireland and the European Union to develop programmes to promote peace in the region. 

Jacqueline is a doctoral researcher at Queen’s University Belfast currently examining the development of public policy in complex environments. She is a Board member of the Chief Executives' Forum and a member of the Economic and Social Research Council's Peer Review College.

Before taking up her current role Jacqueline was seconded to central government to develop support services for those seeking asylum in Northern Ireland. During that time she also lead the project that regionalised support services for those seeking asylum in England, Scotland and Wales, working in partnership with local authorities to promote social cohesion.

Prior to this, Jacqueline had twenty years’ experience in the voluntary sector in Northern Ireland working on a wide range of issues. These included offender resettlement, youth justice, social welfare law, advice services, volunteering and community development.