Rainbow Pilgrims: The Rites and Passages of LGBT+ Migrants in Britain

Rainbow Pilgrims: The Rites and Passages of LGBTQI Migrants in Britain

Heritage Grants

LONDON, London
Liberal Judaism
Liberal Judaism, a multi-faith support organisation, discovered that the stories of many of the LGBTI migrants they met were being lost.

More than 20 volunteers undertook five days training in oral history interviewing, exhibition design and archiving to develop the skills to capture and preserve these unique memories.

Thirty in-depth interviews were recorded, transcribed and transformed into a vibrant UK-wide touring exhibition, launched in LGBT history month.

To ensure the widest range of people could be involved it was accompanied by over 20 community events and an online exhibition, where visitors can choose to read or listen to the stories depending on their needs and preference.

The recordings, alongside collected LGBT+  memorabilia, are preserved in the London Metropolitan archives.

“Potential interviewees needed to gain trust in the project first. Many participants were not ‘out’ or worried about repercussions from telling their story publicly. We resolved some of these fears, for example by organising storytelling sessions and social outings, and offering interviewees anonymity, through aka identities and voice altering in the recordings.”

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