QR Code Information Track Judy Woods Bradford

Local young people working in Judy Woods, Bradford
Local young people working in Judy Woods, Bradford

Heritage Grants

Halifax, Yorkshire and The Humber
Joint Activities & Motor Education Service
The Friends of Judy Woods and JAMES (Joint Activities and Motor Education Services) worked together to open up natural heritage to local young people through a new digital heritage trail.

Nestled in between Bradford and Halifax, Judy Woods is an ancient woodland housing blue bells and oak trees, providing a haven for local wildlife.

Over 80 young people were involved throughout the project to learn about:

  • the history of Judy Woods and its surrounding area
  • how to undertake archaeological digs in the woods
  • local flora and fauna
  • how to build bat and bird boxes to put up throughout the woods
  • forestry - by attending forest school
  • dry stone walling skills to help rebuild some of the walls located within the woodland

The young people used their new knowledge of the natural and industrial heritage of Judy Woods to create a QR code trail - helping people to explore this special local woodland.

The James Digs Judy Wood website hosts further information about the history of the woods, its archaeology and wildlife, and can be accessed through QR codes located throughout the woods.