PUNK SNOW: A filmed oral and photographic history of the Punk era in 1970's Liverpool

A punk in 1970s Liverpool

Heritage Grants

Thinking Film Ltd
Punk Snow researched unpublished diaries and collected memories of Liverpool's 1970s punk era to create a 15-minute documentary.

Thinking Film trains young people in film-making skills, helping local people explore and share their own experiences of Merseyside. The project focused on Liverpool’s 1970s punk era and the legendary Eric's nightclub, gaining particular inspiration from the unpublished diaries of broadcaster Roger Hill. Local residents also recorded their own memories about Eric’s nightclub over a period of six months, complementing the research form the diaries and sources such as Merseysound, a local fanzine.

Danny Kilbride, Creative Director of Thinking Film, enthused: “It was surprising how many people came forward. Many of them had never shared their story before. The hardest part was knowing when to stop as this archive collection could have gone on forever.”

10 students from Liverpool John Moore University helped transform this research into a 15-minute film called Punk Snow.

Danny added: “I’m most proud of how we were able to integrate the volunteers. When I was a volunteer on film sets I spent a lot of time making tea so we wanted to make sure that they could be meaningfully involved.” 

Keep up-to-date on the Punk Snow Facebook page.

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