Cohort meeting Volunteering Presentation / HLF volunteering guidance.

Hello all, great to meet you in Birmingham at the start of December;

Thanks again for your really cheering engagement in the discussion about the different ways in which new volunteering opportunities can be created through Collecting Cultures;

I've attached the presentation that I gave on the day;

I also recommend the HLF Good Practice Guidance on Volunteering - we'll be updating it slightly soon, but for now this is still a great place to start:

Also, another good place to look is the recently formed National Heritage Volunteering Forum - they're a good point of call for advice about things that you may be considering, and can also help you find your local region or county-level networks for museum and heritage volunteer managers:


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Whilst I'm posting, I'd particularly like to draw everyone's attention back to the 'Opportunities' slide from the presentation (Slide 14) - in particular, these points:

Collecting Cultures is a great opportunity to use new collections to engage new audiences and & community partners, perhaps including demographic groups that haven't always been reached in the past. Some of your projects are expanding collections into areas which especially lend themselves to this kind of (ideally dialogue-based) approach.

The project and any associated activity is also a great time to create new connections with internal colleagues, especially if you're in a larger organisation where functions can be really separate – this might include volunteer managers, learning, trustees, ‘friend’s panels’, etc

Don't overlook the tremendous potential contribution of volunteers as advocates for your service - for your museum in general and for the new collections in particular. For example, good volunteers can play a really strong part in attracting new audiences, gaining local press coverage, etc.

It may also be interesting to explore opportunities for new types of engagement such as micro & virtual volunteering, allowing a wider range of people to volunteer, potentially from a distance, and/or in smaller time segments.

In general, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or ideas about volunteering that you'd find it helpful to discuss.

In the meantime, further thanks and festive best wishes to you all,