How I See It – A film made by teenagers in South East of England

How I See It – A film made by teenagers about what they want in a museum visit. Find out more about how Kids in Museums used Young Roots funding to enable young people to make an entire film. 

Here, in the teens own words, they tell us more,

Why museums are important to us:

“I helped set up some exhibitions when I was younger. And then I think, about a year ago, I went on the first young creators course that I did ‘cause my sister did one and she said it was amazing and I think I’ve done three now and I keep on coming back ‘cause it’s a great experience. It’s great!”

Why we wanted to make a film:

“I hope that it will interest more people to come in because the museums will understand how we think and then maybe take that on board.”

How our film can make a difference:

“The film will be better because it will give the museums that it’s shown to a better understanding of what they might need to improve on and how we see their museums through our own eyes instead of trying to think like us ‘cause they can’t do that. No offence.”

More about How I See It and how it was made:

Who are the young filmmakers?

The Lightbox’s Young Curators, River and Rowing Museum’s Waterlilies and Watts gallery’s Art Forum young people’s group.

What did they do?

All three youth groups went on a recce and investigated what the other museums had to offer for teens. They made story boards before getting started on shooting the film on location. The final step was editing the film and putting their sequences together to make the film cut. They were involved in all the steps of production from early research (pre-production), the shoot (production period) to the final edit (post production and promotion of their film).

The teenagers worked with Kids in Museums and a professional filmmaker over the summer holidays. The project was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund Young Roots East of England, and managed by Kids in Museums. Learn About Film are the lead film educators,click here to find out more about them.

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